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Last Week...

...I had three out of the four people on my office staff quit. Luckily, I was able to find even better replacements pretty quickly. There were a few days where I was totally stressed. I am fortunate to have the greatest hubby ever, and he let me take it out on Gap Kids and Janie and Jack (buying clothes for my girls is so therapeutic) . He also let me take a bubble bath to relax a bit. As I was lying in the tub with my eyes closed, I felt the water move. I opened one eye and saw this: (I had my phone nearby, because I had just finished reading Brandi Glanville's new book. I finished it in two days...if you're a Real Housewives junky like I am, you'll love it, too!) ...we stuck to our plan and made healthy, organic meals during the week. They included salads, veggies, salmon, chicken, and steak. We even used organic ground turkey to make tacos on Tuesday. That night, we also discovered that Charley loves avocados. Since everything we were eating was healthy, we wou