Last Week...

...I had three out of the four people on my office staff quit. Luckily, I was able to find even better replacements pretty quickly. There were a few days where I was totally stressed. I am fortunate to have the greatest hubby ever, and he let me take it out on Gap Kids and Janie and Jack (buying clothes for my girls is so therapeutic). He also let me take a bubble bath to relax a bit. As I was lying in the tub with my eyes closed, I felt the water move. I opened one eye and saw this:
(I had my phone nearby, because I had just finished reading Brandi Glanville's new book. I finished it in two days...if you're a Real Housewives junky like I am, you'll love it, too!)

...we stuck to our plan and made healthy, organic meals during the week. They included salads, veggies, salmon, chicken, and steak. We even used organic ground turkey to make tacos on Tuesday. That night, we also discovered that Charley loves avocados. Since everything we were eating was healthy, we would just give her small portions of it all on her highchair tray. The kid went crazy eating everything all week and really enjoyed feeding herself:

...Charley spent some time sleeping in our bed. She is still doing better in her crib, but seems to sleep the longest stretches when she's in between her mommy and daddy. For being so little, the kid sure takes up a lot of room:

...Charley must've been teething, because she was drooling everywhere, sleeping less, and wanted to snuggle a lot. We spent a lot of time in our rocking chair and cuddled up with blankies:

...Charley's ear infections cleared up thanks to those antibiotics she got a couple of weeks ago. This meant that she got to have her actual nine month wellness check-up complete with shots. Grace read stories to Charley to keep her entertained while we waited:

This adorable outfit that Charley is wearing is courtesy of my stress-shopping...


...we went to Lucille's for dinner (my new favorite restaurant) where Charley chomped on some chicken, and Grace shared Daddy's corn on the cob:

...Charley wore her Minnie outfit on Friday:
...she finally slept in her crib for a good stretch of the night:
...she played in the bath tub by herself since sister showered with Mommy:

...after her bath, we snuggled in our La-Z-Boy, and she held my hand as she napped:
(Soo precious!)
...Grace Face wore her cutest heart pants on Saturday:
...we had a really fun day at Avellino Park and then went to Kasie and Jeremy's for a chicken fajita dinner.
...we had our weekly Sunday breakfast at The Coffee Cup:

...Charley played in her jumpy:
...I snuck in on Grace taking a bath and pretending to be on the phone. This kid has a crazy imagination:
...Grace and Mommy got all ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa Espejo's to celebrate Auntie Lisha's birthday:
...Charley experimented with pony tails:
...she snacked on some bananas while simultaneously giving her sore teefers some relief: sleepy girls went to bed extra early:
See ya next week :)

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