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For Isaac's birthday, we had a date night and went to see the Cirque de Soleil show, Zumanity, so we kind of celebrated Valentine's Day then, along with Isaac's birthday.

Since the actual day fell on a Thursday, we made it more about the kids this year.

I have Grace has mailed Valentine's to her family and friends every year since she was born, but I was really excited that she'd be at school this year. She got to pick out her own Valentines and get them all ready for her little classmates.

Since we did Mickey and Minnie ones last year, Grace face wanted Tinkerbell this time around.

I spent about half an hour taking pictures of my little stinkers trying to get one that was just right to send out with their cards. First Charley wouldn't smile, then Grace wouldn't smile, then they cried, and then we went upstairs into their playroom. They are always happy when they get to go upstairs, so I finally got a good one (it is soooo much harder to get a good picture of TWO kids than just ONE):

I printed up all of the labels and got everything ready for their Valentines, and then Grace helped me put them all together. She loved picking out which ones were going to each person:
Once they were all ready, we went to the Post Office and she mailed them off:

Wednesday came, and we still had to get her Valentines ready for school. After getting the Tinkerbell cards ready, Grace colored on her "kisses" that she was taking to her friends. She took this job very serious:
The next morning, as she got ready for school, I explained to her that it was finally Valentine's Day. It's a day to tell everyone how much you LOVE them! Mommy and Daddy even got the babies surprises to open up before we left for school:

Grace was so excited and wanted to take her puppy to school with her. She named hers Coffee and named Charley's Banana:

When we got home from work and school, Grace showed me her awesome Valentines from her friends. Her excitement was the cutest thing as she told me about each one:


Later, we let the girls open the rest of their gifts. Grace got a new Tinkerbell coloring book with markers and wanted to color right away:

Charley opened hers and went straight for the puffs:
The girls played together while Isaac and I made dinner:
Later that night, after baths, we laid in bed with both of our girls. Grace told Charley how much she loved her and smothered her (almost literally) in hugs and kisses:
I just love them so, so much.
My little family is my whole world.
Isaac, Grace, and Charley - I love the three of you more than all the stars in the sky. You are my everything.
Happy Valentine's Day <3

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