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Day Thirty - What Has Been Going on this Month

We've had a busy month: We've had lots of pool days, Reunited with Old Friends, Traveled to Nashville for CMA Fest, Celebrated Grace's First Birthday, and Celebrated Father's Day. Obviously I'm a little behind on the blog...updated posts to come about all of these events! (And we're done! I made it thirty whole days, although not always one each day, and completed the challenge. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts.)

Day Twenty-Nine - My Wish for the Future

My wish for the future is that Grace will grow up happy and healthy, be smart, independent, and beautiful on the inside and out: As long as she gets whatever she wants out of life, I will be at peace.

Day Twenty-Eight - My Favorite Place

Home I love to be at home with my family and friends. We have so many amazing memories here, and I love making new ones.

Day Twenty-Seven - What I'm Currently Reading

Currently, I'm reading The Baby Sleep Book (I've been reading this for about six months to no avail): AND The seventh book in the Sookie Stackhouse series,  All Together Dead: I read the first six and half books of this series during my pregnancy. Since I've had Grace, I haven't had much down time to read.

Day Twenty-Six - My Favorite Memory

My favorite memory is easily the moment I met Grace. This moment was the sweetest, most precious thing in the entire world:

This Week...

...Grace played in her new ride: ...she had a pretty bad cold for a few days and slept A LOT: ...she rode around the house on her new motorcycle: ...Daddy and Grace played with her new toys: ...we cuddled while watching cartoons on Saturday morning: ...Frannie pushed Grace around the pool in her princess floaty. Grace LOVES this thing: ...Daddy and Grace shared some pizza: ...we went to Easton's first birthday party! Grace played with him and Noah and had SOOO much fun: Noah even took Grace for a ride on Easton's new scooter: Easton was especially nice and let Grace take home a balloon: We had a lot of fun hanging out with the Sebastians and their family. They are all such fun, awesome people. It's nice that Grace has some friends her age to play with that live just across the street. We can't wait to hang out with them again. That's all for now. See ya next week!

Day Twenty-Five - Three Good Things that have Happened in the Past Three Months

The past three months consist of the end of March, April, May, and most of June. Three good things that happened in these months were: I finally made it to Nashville: Grace celebrated her first birthday and had a blast: Cash was added to the mix:

Day Twenty-Four - A Photo of Something that Means a lot to Me

I've had my puppy blanket forever . Literally. I had another one (exactly the same and made by my grandma) that I had since I was born. When it started to get old and worn down, my grandma made me this one (I think I was about eight or so) to replace it. I have taken this blanket everywhere with me...even on my honeymoon. I sleep so well with it, so I make sure that I always have it. I took the original one with me to Nashville, because it would fold up smaller in the suitcase. I was so worried about losing Grace's blanket that I didn't pay attention to mine and lost it in the airport somewhere. That makes this one extra special.

Day Twenty-Three - My Celebrity Crush

When I was ten, I was in love with Junior from Little Giants : (Devon Sawa...dreamy!) Nowadays, I'm more into Matt Damon: (who is 26.7% hotter while talking with a Boston accent... just sayin' ) OR Ryan Reynolds: (no need for an accent...perfection in his natural form)'re welcome! Happy Thursday :)

Day Twenty-Two - Something I Don't Leave the House Without

My cell phone: I know that's horrible, but it contains my life. All of my contacts My calendar A camera to snap shots/videos of Grace whenever she does something ridiculously cute (Hello? ALL the time!) Facebook...I think I may be an addict. Is there such a thing? And a phone, which I may need in case of an emergency... so give me a break !

The Three Best Dads in the World

My dad has been the most amazing father any girl could ever ask for: He taught me so much throughout my life and continues to teach me new things all the time. Without him, I would not be anywhere close to where I am today. My dad is the one I called at two in the morning when I couldn't sleep because my was heartbroken. He is the one that wouldn't let me go to the party that got broken up by the cops in high school (I hated him at the time) . Because of him, I studied hard in school, stayed away from drugs, and knew that no matter what, I would graduate from college. He always pushed me to be the best that I could be. My dad was always open and honest with me and told it like it was. I remember once he told me that he hated hearing "because I'm your parent and I said so" when he was younger, so he would always give me a reason why I could or couldn't do something. He was, and still is, the easiest guy to talk to. I know that I can always go to him w

Day Twenty-One - My Favorite T.V. Show

This one is actually kind of hard. I've got tons of shows that I love but never have time to watch. I'm a sucker for Teen Mom and Secret Life of the American Teenager, (even though my husband makes fun of me for it) I think my favorite, favorite has to be: True Blood: (Which premieres this weekend...YAYAYA!!) Something about vampires just entices me. I couldn't put the books down throughout my whole pregnancy, and I was convinced Grace would be born with fangs. Don't worry... She wasn't. Although it's too early to tell if she'll have a biting habit.

Grace's Olivia Party

This past week, Gracie turned a year old. It's still crazy to say that. Her absolute favorite show in the whole world is Olivia, so we knew we had to have an Olivia themed party for her birthday. After searching online, I found the perfect decorations. My dad went to culinary school and wanted to make her birthday cake, so we searched all over the Internet trying to find the perfect one. We came across one we loved and had that "this is it" reaction. The night before the party, Kasie, Francesca, and Matt came over to help decorate and get the house all ready. It turned out perfect, and we couldn't wait for the next day. Early that morning, Dad arrived with the cake and it couldn't have been more perfect. Grace fell asleep right before the party started, but it worked out great because she woke in a good mood and was ready to roll. Her family and friends started to arrive and she couldn't wait to play. She ate some Cheetos: Played with her