Day Sixteen - A Photo of the Last Item I Bought

The last thing I bought was from Babies R Us.

Isaac and I made a quick stop there on the way home from dinner.

In my shopping bag was:

Babies R Us brand Diapers (size 4)

(They seriously work better than any other brand. They're the only ones that don't leak or feel super squishy when they're wet inside. It's an added bonus that they're also the cheapest!)

Ella's Kitchen - Carrots, Apples, and Parsnips

(Grace's very favorite baby food! We starting using these squeezable pouches which are great for feeding on the go and super easy to use.)

Gerbers Graduates Puffs - Peach

Plum Baby Organics Spoon Attachment

Huggies Wipes

(I usually buy the refill packs, but Isaac ripped the plastic part on the top of the box so the wipes kept drying out.)

Gerbers Fruit Splashers - Apple Berry

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