Day One - 15 Facts About Me

1 - I love my baby girl more than I ever imagined I could.

And the crazy part is, it grows more and more with each passing day.

2 - I'm obsessed with washing my feet.

You know in the summer after wearing flip flops all day when the bottoms of your feet are all black?

I just imagine all of these nasty germs rubbing off onto my floors, couches, and sheets.


Every day when I get home, I wash my feet, lotion them up, and put on socks immediately.

(Side Note: Ever tried the sugar scrub from Sweet Bubble? DO IT! Sugar Rush is the best scent, and I guarantee it will change your life.)

3 - My husband calls me the "laundry nazi".

Whenever I wash a load of whites, darks, jeans, etc. I make him take off whatever he is wearing so I can add it to the load.

I realized he may have a point when I took Grace's shirt and socks off mid-day to wash them and left her crawling around in her shorts.

My poor family!

4 - I would love to live in Nashville or San Diego, but will never move unless my parents agree to come with me.

5 - This November will be TEN years since Isaac asked me to be his girlfriend.

6 - Don't mention anything to me about the Titans when they lose during football season.

I will bite your head off (consider this fair warning)!!

7 - I am afraid of the year 2012 thanks to my hubby's fascination with Ancient Aliens.

8 - Isaac and I "went out" for about two weeks in seventh grade until he dumped me for being "straight as an arrow".

(I wouldn't kiss him.)

9 - I crave Starbucks like nobody's business. 

When I get it every day, I will get an instant migraine the first time I skip it.

I've learned to avoid coffee altogether.

10 - I have been In LoVe with Britney Spears since I was twelve. 

She'll always be my fav.

11 - I used to like the NBA back when Bibby and Peja played for Sacramento.

I now think it lacks that competitive edge and is more of a show than a sport.

I've fallen deeply in love with college hoops over the years (Go Rebs!).

12 - I sometimes grind my teeth when I sleep and wake up with them bring extremely sore.

13 - I'd rather be at home with friends and family than out drinking and getting crazy.

My priorities have changed a lot as I've grown up.

14 - When I was pregnant, I took two to three baths a day just so I could read my Sookie Stackhouse books.

Love me some vampire :)

15 - My name is Courtney, and I am a certifiable shopaholic.

I'll literally be driving home from work and think, "I know I must need something...what can I buy today?"

It drives my husband crazy!

I may need to look into rehab facilities.

Day one down, twenty-nine to go!

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