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This Week...

...Uncle Zacarias came to spend some time with Grace on Monday. He's been super busy with fire season, so it was really great that she got to see him:

...Isaac and Grace read stories together:

...Grace posed for pictures in her cute new shirt that Alex sent her for her birthday:

...she played in the bath and gave Elmo kisses:

...Daddy made vanilla milkshakes for dessert one night because they're his favorite. Apparently they're Grace's favorite, too:

...we watched Jeremy's game with Kasie and her parents, and it really wore Grace out:

...she learned to gasp:

...Grace watched Olivia while Daddy slept in:

...she watched the rain beat down in the sun roof in the car as we drove:

...Isaac and I hung drapes over our sliding glass door while Grace watched and helped as much as she could:

That's all for now!
See ya next week :)

All Jumped Out

Lately, we've been going to Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's once a week so they can spend some time with Grace.
This is working out really well, because Isaac's mom watches her on Mondays, my mom watches her Tuesday through Thursday, and my Grandma and Poppa watch her on Fridays. 
This only leaves my dad for us to try and go see during the week. We try to catch up with him for dinner or invite him over to play one evening each week.
It's so great having all of this family so close to us.
This week when we went to visit them, Grace and Isaac brought their swimsuits so they could go for a swim.
First, they checked out the pool.

They decided to jump on the trampoline for a bit before going swimming.
Grace wasn't so sure about it, but she got a little more used to it the longer she stayed on it:

When she was all jumped out, she changed into her swimsuit and went for a dip with Daddy.

Grace played with pool toys and splashed around:

Daddy took her to play in the waterfall.

They worke…

This Week...

...Grace learned how to use the phone. Kind of. She walks around holding it up to her ear saying, "yayaya". It's pretty friggin' adorable:

...she also learned how to clean something up. She brings toilet paper over, and I tell her, "Daddy is dirty right here (and point). Wipe him off." She takes the paper and tries to clean daddy up:
She's getting so smart!
...we gave Grace watermelon for the first time. She really loved it and ate a ton:

 ...she hung out on the couch watching TV in her diapey:

...daddy fell asleep cuddled up with Olivia:

...we went to Memphis Barbecue where Isaac and Grace shared a brownie sundae:

...this spoiled rotten kid got to go shopping for some new fall clothes. Afterwards, she enjoyed modeling them for Daddy and me:

...we hit up the Sunset Station buffet for breakfast. I tried feeding Grace scrambled eggs, but she wouldn't eat them because Isaac kept feeding her doughnuts:

...Grace got really frustrated when she couldn't pick up…

This Week...

...Grace wore her pretty new dress that Aunt Allison sent her and was such a ham:

...we went over to Poppa and Gran's for dinner and Grace had fun getting into all of their stuff:

...Grandma Lisa took Grace to her friend's pool on Monday where she met a new friend:

...Grace left a little mess in my office...her way of saying "Grace was here"?

...she is now thirteen months old!
...we took Grace to the pool on Saturday. I think water is her favorite thing ever. She loves to swim all day and would play in the bath for hours if you'd let her:

...I got bored and decided to rearrange the furniture in our house. I did this in my room all the time as a kid. Every few months or so, I just get this need to organize (or re-organize). I pretty sure I'm borderline OCD. It ended up being a good thing because we have more room, and it looks a lot nicer this way.

...Grace played with her kitty keyboard that Kasie got her for her birthday. She loves it:

(Notice the Dora band-aid on …

Rough Stuff

Grace is now thirteen months old!

She went to her well twelve month check-up to get her shots a few weeks ago, but couldn't because she had a fever.

Poor baby had her first ear infection.

After taking medicine for ten days, she is now all better.

The day she finally went in for her shots, she was up crying all night. I was thinking the vaccines bothered her, but she never got a fever or a rash.

A couple of days later she was grabbing her mouth and crying. I looked inside and discovered EIGHT teeth coming in!

Her canines are right there ready to come at any minute, and she has four new molars.

No wonder she was crying. 

My poor baby girl was in pain. She's never been a bad teether (no crankiness, no extra fussiness), so I didn't expect that.

Now that we're past the rough stuff, baby girl is back to her usual happy self.

She truly is one of the happiest kids EVERRR.

We get comments everywhere we go about what a good baby she is and how she's always smiling.

(Makes me s…

This Week...

...we went to Grandma and Grandpa Espejo's to watch fireworks on the fourth.
...Grace walked around dragging Olivia everywhere she went:

...Grace learned how to blow on her food to cool it off:

...she found the toilet paper and proceeded to remove every last square of it from the roll:

...we played inside Grace's ball house on Saturday morning:

...Grace realllly enjoyed watching cartoons in bed Sunday:

...we got lots of rain. Every day would start out sunny and end up with some awesome thunder storms:

...Grace went swimming with her cousins. We don't get to see them that often so we made sure to spend lots of time with them that day. She had a lot of fun playing with them:

...we headed up to Utah for the Moyes' Family Reunion.
That's all for now! See ya next week.