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This Week...

...we had a pretty busy week! It started out slow and then got crazy as usual.

...we are 38 weeks pregnant. Grace should be totally ready to come and should be around 7 pounds, 11 ounces. We've been trying EVERYTHING this week to get her to come early. We've walked miles and miles, I've been drinking my raspberry tea twice a day, and I've been bouncing on an exercise ball as much as possible. This kid just does not want to come!
...we had a doctor's appointment Wednesday. This time I was 2 cm. Not much of a difference, but there was definitely progress which is good. The baby is still VERY high. I don't think she'll drop before she comes. She likes to keep her feet right up next to my ribs, and every once in a while she'll roll to one side and stick her little bottom out. It's pretty weird to be able to tell which body parts are the ones causing all of the commotion now.
...we made a tough decision, but decided to let Jojo Kitty move in with my sister.…

Diaper Bags

Isaac and I have been looking for a diaper bag for the past six months. We couldn't find one that we realllly liked. I wanted one that was pink because Grace is going to be very girly. Isaac wanted one that looked good on him because, well let's face it, he'll probably be the one carrying it most of the time. After searching Coach, Babies R Us, Target, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and every website that carries diaper bags, we went to Ebay. We started looking for Coach diaper bags because we figured we could get one pretty cheap on there. Isaac wanted a Fendi bag. I don't think he realized how much they were, so I went ahead and told him and also let him know that he was out of his mind.
After an hour of browsing Ebay's listings, we found one that we really liked. It was tan and chocolate brown with a pale yellow, silky inside lining. For some reason, I just wasn't ready to click "buy now" just yet.
After my contractions last week, we decided that we'd…

This Week...

...I had a doctor's appointment with my first exam since the beginning of the pregnancy.  She said I was 1 cm dialated which made me sooo excited because that meant the actual beginning signs of Grace arriving were here! I didn't really understand that you could be 1 cm for over a month if the baby still wasn't ready. Excitement gone.
...I also had an ultrasound because Dr. Tyre wasn't one hundred percent sure that the baby was head down. During the ultrasound we discovered that she most definitely is, she weighs 7 pounds 1 ounce, and she has more hair than any baby EVER. We are good to go.
...Eddie and Kelli officially became husband and wife!! We had a great time at their beautiful wedding and couldn't be happier for them.

...we picked out Grace's "coming home from the hospital" outfit. Isaac went upstairs to feed the fish one night and was up there for a looong time. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I'm trying to pick out Grace'…

Mother Knows Best

Isaac emailed me this picture today. It's from our first day of school Junior year!! That was almost 8 years ago. It's crazy to think we were all that young. And umm...where are my eyebrows? My mom always told me I plucked them too thin, and I never believed her because I thought they looked fine. I guess mother does know best :)

This Week...

...I am feeling extra huge! I've even started to waddle instead of walk. Thank God I've only got a couple of weeks to go!!

...we are in our 37th week of pregnancy!! I told Isaac this morning that it feels like you are getting THE BEST Christmas present ever and you already know about it, but Christmas is still a month away and your mom won't let you have it early! It's terrible. Next week we get to start having weekly exams to find out where we are at and when little Grace should be arriving. I'm hoping for a banana!

...I finished Grace's blankie. I have had the same one since I was born and still sleep with it every night. I'm hoping that this becomes her blankie of choice.  It started out like this...

and ended up like this (I nixed the green when I realized it was starting to look like spumoni):

I'm pretty happy with! It matches her room perfectly and is really girly. Mine is brown with puppies all over it, so I'm glad she'll have a girly one to …

35 Weeks

At 35 weeks, Grace doesn't have much room to do somersaults anymore.  She still kicks like crazy though, and now we can see my belly rolling all around as she moves.  It's very weird and awesome at the same time!! Every once in a while we'll just be sitting there, and I'll go "whoa!"  Isaac freaks out and asks me what the heck is going on.  It just happens to be the baby giving me a swift kick to the ribs or rolling over on her side.  This "whoa!" experience actually happened yesterday in the car.  Grace was very active, so I pulled my shirt up to watch my stomach roll all around.  All of the sudden the right side sunk in and there was this crazy looking hole in my belly.  She quickly stuck her foot right back in there, and it went back to normal.  These are the things I will miss about being pregnant when she finally gets here.  The heartburn, achy feet, and waking up 85 times in the middle of the night to pee?  Not so much.
Also this week, Grace…

Our Favorites

Chelsea gave us all of our beautiful maternity pictures last weekend, and after going through them a thousand times, I've decided that these are my favs:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Thank you so much Chelsea for capturing this special time in our lives! I can't wait to get these all framed and hung up around the house.

Last Thing on the Baby To-Do List!!

This past Saturday, my mom threw us a baby shower.  We decided to invite guys and gals because well, it's his baby too (Isaac's words)!  We started out talking about just having a BBQ and grilling some burgers and hot dogs, but when our family friend, Arni, found out about the shower it quickly turned into a more formal event.  He always insists on catering our shindigs, and I can't say that I hate it.  Whenever he brings the food it's always sooo delicious, and we get tons of compliments.  Thanks again, Arnauld!!
My mom had the cutest favors and decorated the tables so perfectly all in pink and yellow.

My dad made some yummy white chocolate key lime tarts, and my sister made an adorable cake:

Isaac had a great time opening all the baby gifts.  Everytime I would start to open one, he would grab it from me and open it up himself.

I think he really liked showing it all off to everyone.

My friend, Chelsea gave us a great picture from my maternity shoot to hang in Grace's r…