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Let Them Be Little {Merry Christmas!}

Christmas morning was magical at our house. Grace and Charley came running downstairs screaming about how Santa came, and they ran in to wake up Daddy and Mommy. I looked at my phone, and promptly sent them back to bed, since it was only 2:30 am. I could hear them out by the tree giggling and peaking around at what had come before they made their way back to bed.

Once Isaac, Perry, and I finally got up, we made coffee and waited around for Grace and Char. Now they were getting their beauty sleep, while Perry got to scope out the place.

We showed her the stockings, which Santa graciously filled with the coolest Golden Knights goodies including their own official hockey sticks and pucks.

The girls came down, and Daddy showed them what a mess Rudolph had made.

The girls wanted to go ride their new bikes right away, but we talked them into opening some presents first.

Gracie was so excited about her new pet tiger. This girl has been begging us for one of these for months. She took it out…