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Picture of the Week: Christmas Eve

Clarabelle was up to her shenanigans again and rolled down the stairs in a toilet paper roll.

When we got home from school, Perry just wanted to snuggle and kept putting her arm around my neck, pulling me closer.

She slept so soundly that night and continued snoring when I tried to wake her up in the morning. Girlfriend has been sleeping through the night for the past two weeks, and it's fabulous!

Grace and Charley brought me home the sweetest Christmas presents that they made at school. I love them both so much and can't wait to display them on the tree forever.

I caught a beautiful sunrise as I drove to work the next morning.

It was nail day, and after seeing some old designs from years past on my Time Hop, I switched it up and went for a Christmas-y design. I'm usual pretty boring with solid colors or glitter tips.

Perry played with Grace and Char's puppet pets while they weren't looking.

Thursday, we went to Elijah's Metro graduation. We were so proud of him and are so excited to see what he does in his new career! Congrats, Elij!!

After his graduation, we went to the family favorite, Chapalas, to celebrate. Perry downed her weight in salsa, while Grace and Char showed Uncle some love.

After dinner, we headed to my Poppa and Grandma's to celebrate an early Christmas with the family. There has never been a place where I've felt more love and happiness than this living room. The kids were precious, and Aunt Sydney got them all matching elf jammies. They sang us Jingle Bells, and then Poppa read his great grandkids 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. My heart was so full. Watching my girls with Poppa and Grandma (who definitely had a hand in raising me as I spent so much time with them when I was younger) makes me so happy. I love them more than words could ever explain.

Aunt Sydney bribed Perry with suckers to get her to smile in all the pictures, and she made sure to get her prize. 

This couldn't be more true. Poppa and Grandma's is better than anything you could ever ask for.

I made this sweet little sign on my phone and then printed it on a canvas for our wall. I couldn't get over the cuteness.

Gracie had a "Holidays Around the World" celebration along with pajama day on Friday. She had fun hanging with her besties while eating different foods from around the world. Her favorite was definitely the tamales as she went back more than once. I love that she got to learn about traditions from all over the world. She had fun telling all of us all about them when she got home that afternoon.

That night, we went to do a little last minute Christmas shopping at Town Square. The girls were so good that we had to get them hot chocolates.

Daddy was super excited that there was a huge Raiders store coming in. I'm sure we'll be frequenting it a lot as their big move to Vegas draws near.

The girls and I went through their backpacks and looked over their school work from the week. Grace made a Poinsettia and compared polar bears to humans, while Perry painted a Christmas tree and lights, and Charley got a week with no homework before break.

Saturday night, we celebrated Christmas over at Papa Rick and Grammy's. Mom made a yummy tenderloin roast for dinner, and Kait and Perry ate together at the kid's table.

After dinner, we opened gifts and everyone had so much fun playing with all of their new toys.

Perry ate all of Daddy's pie before snuggling on the couch with Grammy.

Chase and Gracie painted cookies with edible frosting and cracked me up when they kept trying to copy each other's designs.

Perry was exhausted when we got home and only wanted Daddy to hold her. She snuggled right up next to him to sleep.

Charley was back to her old antics and made a selfie video in the car that morning.

All of the girls passed out as we drove around running errands before the big day.

We hung out at home waiting for Papa Craig, Grandma Sunshine, and Zacarias and his family to come over for dinner and another Christmas celebration.

They finally arrived, and the girls couldn't have been more excited to get in some cousin time.

After we ate Olive Garden for dinner, the kids were ready to open presents. They all opened their stockings to find lots of treats and surprises inside.

We sang Happy Birthday to Uncle Zac since he turned thirty that week and is officially an old man.

After cake, the kids were back to their treats.

These two minions hung out on the steps and listened to Kidz Bop on the iPad.

When everyone left, the girls were ready to get to bed and listen for Santa and his reindeer to land on the roof.

We put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for Rudolph. Perry is seriously the weirdest eater on the planet. I've never seen a kid skip the cookies and run away with Rudolph's carrots and start chowing down on them.

Once we got them back on the plate, the girls went to bed, and all was quiet in the house as Santa began his trek to deliver the goods. See you next time when we celebrate Christmas morning <3

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