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Charley Anne

Charley Anne Espejo

Born at 8:02 am on April 30, 2012 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 20.5 inches long

This is her birth story...

Since I had a cesarean with my first daughter (and it went pretty well), my husband and I decided on a repeat cesarean the second time around.

The night before baby Charley was scheduled to enter our world, we took Grace over to my mom's house so she could have a sleep over with her Grammy. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 the following morning to prep for surgery, and this was the best way to keep Grace on a "normal" schedule.

After we dropped her off, we headed home to make sure we were all packed and ready for the hospital. Unfortunately, my plan of getting a good night's sleep didn't go so well. I had to wake up at four o'clock to shower and get ready to go and didn't get to sleep until well after eleven.

For some reason, I was so much more nervous this time than I was for Grace's delivery. I knew what to expect and exactly w…

Last Week...

Image doll got a cold and spent lots of time sleeping. Dr. Vu said that if she can't kick her cough, she won't be able to see Charley in the hospital on Monday:

...luckily she got better quick and was my happy girl when Daddy got home from work to play the next day:

...she climbed into one of her toy boxes and hung out:

...we had Raising Canes for dinner, and Grace had to have mac and cheese on the side. These are some of her absolute favorite dinner foods right now:

...we got our cars washed and Grace LOVED watching the cars going through the wash:

...we took her to lunch to celebrate her last day as an only child:

...Grace watched movies in her panties (this kid hates wearing clothes):

...she had fun making faces and talking to herself on my phone:

...I spent hours deep cleaning different parts of the house in anticipation for Charley's arrival. 
Next time I post a blog I'll have TWO babies!!
See you next week :)

Six Days to Go!

38 Weeks:

Baby is fully ready to be born should she choose to come today!
She'll spend the rest of her time in Mommy's belly packing on the squishiness.
We finally scheduled the Cesarean with the hospital, too!

This is super exciting because we now know the exact date when baby Charley will be here (unless she decides to make an early appearance).
April 30th, 2012 will be her birthday.

That means we only have SIX DAYS to go until the little munchkin arrives!!

Side Note: I'm kind of OCD about numbers and only like multiples of 5 or even numbers. (I will make Isaac change the volume on the TV if he tries leaving it at 19 instead of 20.) Thankfully, both of my kids will be born in even numbered years on even numbered months and days...don't think that wasn't planned either. Odd numbers drive me crazy!

I feel like it will be pretty much the same as when I had Grace since the surgery is a Monday morning at 7:30.

I thought I'd be totally calm about it, but I think s…

Last Week...

...Grace watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her Mickey and Minnie:

...she danced in the neighbor's Barbie jeep:

...she played keep the football away from Easton:

...she played in the dirt. This girl loves to play with buckets and shovels. Her next toy is definitely going to be a sandbox:

...Grace hung out in bed with Mommy and picked out movies for us to watch:

...she helped Grammy pack for the cabin by loading the ice chest up with ice:

...she played in the sand where Cash ripped up our synthetic turf. (This is her make-shift sandbox until we get it fixed later next week):

...she played with all of the spices at Kasie and Jeremy's house:

...Grace and Daddy played catch:

...we enjoyed a relaxing day by the pool.
...she continued her obsession with pouches. The first thing she asks for in the morning when she wakes up is Elmo. She pretty much survives on these things. I guess it's not so bad since it's just organic fruit and yogurt. I mean, it's better than Cheeto…

Heating Up

Since the weather has really been heating up, we decided that it was time for our first pool day of the summer!
Grace was so excited to go swimming.
She got two new swimsuits this year, and both were too big.
(Hooray!! Excuse to go shopping!)
We grabbed one from last summer, decided it fit good enough, and headed for the pool.
Grace started out lounging in her Minnie Mouse chair poolside:

The sun was beating down, and it got hot quickly, so she was ready for the pool in no time:

Cash even got to join us for a swim:

Grace and I played in the water while Daddy soaked up the sun:

Then it was Daddy's turn to play:

All of that playing made Grace thirsty so Daddy got her some Hawaiian Punch:

Aunt Geni even came to play for a bit:

A little later, Kasie and Jeremy came by to enjoy the day. We had big plans to take Grace to see Disney on Ice with them later that night! In usual Isaac fashion, he lost our tickets from the car to the entrance of the show. Luckily, we were in a suite so he ju…