Last Week... doll got a cold and spent lots of time sleeping. Dr. Vu said that if she can't kick her cough, she won't be able to see Charley in the hospital on Monday:

...luckily she got better quick and was my happy girl when Daddy got home from work to play the next day:

...she climbed into one of her toy boxes and hung out:

...we had Raising Canes for dinner, and Grace had to have mac and cheese on the side. These are some of her absolute favorite dinner foods right now:

...we got our cars washed and Grace LOVED watching the cars going through the wash:

...we took her to lunch to celebrate her last day as an only child:

...Grace watched movies in her panties (this kid hates wearing clothes):

...she had fun making faces and talking to herself on my phone:

...I spent hours deep cleaning different parts of the house in anticipation for Charley's arrival. 

Next time I post a blog I'll have TWO babies!!

See you next week :)

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