The Weekend Before Easter

Every year, the weekend before Easter, Isaac and I have colored eggs together:

Last year we had my dad and Ellie join us. Grace was almost a year old, and we thought it'd be a fun experience.

It ended up being a gorgeous day, and we all had a blast. So when Easter came around this year, we invited Dad and Ellie over to dye eggs again.

I couldn't wait for Grace to see how it worked, because she's so into coloring and stickers.

Isaac bought five dozen eggs to dye, so I spent a little while boiling separate batches and getting the dyes ready to color them all:

Since Grace is my little girly girl, we got neon and glitter dyes for the eggs:

Once everything was all ready, Isaac set it up in the garage.
(It was too windy to do them in the backyard as we had originally planned.)

Poppa helped Grace drop one egg into each different color:

She thought that was so fun!

Once they were all in, they started back at egg #1 to see what was happening. Grace was amazed to see it turning colors:

Love that little tongue sticking out!!

They continued checking on all of the eggs:

Once they were finished, Grace helped show Poppa where to put the eggs to dry:

She also made sure to tell him which ones to check:

Then we started getting crafty and making different designs on them.

We even spelled out Grace's name on some.

She had so much fun helping us all and really liked seeing all of the pretty colors:

She even tried eating them:

Once they were all dry, we let her put some stickers on the eggs, but she was more interested in sticking them all on the table:

Grace loved dying Easter eggs:

We always try to stick to traditional things that we did as kids to make new memories for our kids.

This is one of my favorite traditions, and I already can't wait to continue it next year!!

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