Last Week...

...Grandma Lisa texted me this picture of Grace on Monday:

Like father, like daughter?

...she worked on learning her letters with Elmo's help on the iPad: mom took this video of Grace learning how to use the big girl potty. It's been dubbed "Big Caca", and it is THEE greatest video of all time. The quality isn't great because my mom texted it to me, and it's not the original. Grace deleted the original right after Grammy told her that she was going to play it on her wedding day:

It will definitely be played for all to see at her sixteenth birthday!

...Grace played outside while Daddy worked in the back yard:

...we all had a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup for dessert after dinner. Grace thoroughly enjoyed every last drop of her ice cream:

Then it was bath time to clean this sticky kid up:

...I tried taking a picture of Grace on the way to school Thursday, but she just looked at me like "it's way too early for pictures, mom":

...she and Daddy shared a bowl of cereal (her new favorite breakfast food):

...we met up with some cousins for dinner, and Gracie fell asleep on Daddy on the way:

Then she woke up in a happy mood and tried on Grandpa's sunglasses:

They also shared a bowl of ice cream:

...we took Grace to the mall to get some new outfits for the warmer weather, and she fell in love with the singing Easter bears. She wouldn't let us leave for thirty minutes and kept saying "bears...sing" over and over again:

...we went to play at the park where Grace enjoyed the swings, and we ran into Clayton and Stephanie:

...since we moved our dinner with Kasie and Jeremy to Saturday instead of our usual Friday (see above dinner with the cousins), we invited Clayton and Steph to join us.

My mom's neighbor had marinated some giant pork chops, so she called to give us some which worked out perfect. We also had shish-kabobs with shrimp and zucchini that Clayton and Stephanie made and some corn on the cob and asparagus that Kasie and Jeremy brought over.

Isaac threw it all on the grill, and we had a great night chatting and enjoying the delicious food:

...Cash moved in with my mom and took over Grace's playhouse as his own:

To make a long story short: Cash chewed up our synthetic turf and was a little too crazy with a new baby coming, we drove him to Utah to live with my cousins that had a roomy yard and another Golden Retreiver, he sheds a lot and was too hyper, my mom picked him up and took him to her house.

The best part is that Grace still gets to see him all the time, and he still has a huge yard and friends to play with over there.

I told her once he grew up a little more and calmed down I'd take him back :)

...we celebrated Easter with our families.

...we are thirty-six weeks pregnant:

Baby should be about six pounds and will continue packing on the weight until she's born. The weird thing is, I haven't gained a single pound in a month and a half! It made me kind of nervous, but my doctor said not to worry about it, so I'm just enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy.

I'm ready for Charley to be here already! I start my weekly check-ups on Monday and can't wait. That means the end is near, and baby girl will be here very soon!

See ya next week :)

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