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Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Visiting the Unertls I saw this on Twitter and thought it was perfect. People keep saying that Vegas doesn't deserve a championship because other teams have never won one, and the Knights are new. Vegas has never had a professional sports team in 112 years, so I think we're due for a championship over here. Charley's class made bunnies out of pudding, and she said they were super yummy. Perry threw a fit, and I can't even remember why. I made sure to document it, though, because she doesn't do this too often, and I thought it was hilarious. Grace's class did some fun activities every day during the last week of school. Tuesday they made wicked apples and got to see how fast an apple went bad after pouring vinegar inside of it. We got Charley's class picture back, and she looks so adorable in it. Gracie had her first presentation this year, and it was on the arctic tundra. She did so well,