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Picture of the Week: All the Birthday Celebrations

Perry had a rough Monday morning. I got her out of bed and laid her on the floor to change her clothes, and she was not having it.

Charley had 'H'at Day at school.

She also turned six years old, and she's looking so big and beautiful these days.

We celebrated her birthday last week, but she continued to get cards in the mail, and girlfriend was raking in the money.

Perry and I continued to watch the Knights games from bed, since that was obviously helping them to victory (their losses so far all happened when we were not in bed)

She was so tired as we got close to the end of the game and just wanted to go to sleep.

She finally passed out all snuggled up with Chance.

The Knights were victorious! I always love to find the best memes from game day and post them. These were my favorites from today.

Charley had her field trip to the library, so I took the day off of work. It was raining, and Perry loved playing in it before we left.

After dropping Perr off at day care, we headed to the girls' school. We were a little early, so they played out front while we waited for the gate to open.

I got to go into Charley's classroom with her, and she immediately showed me the eggs they had in the incubator.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance and did roll call before the kids had to partner up. Of course Charley and Phoebe ran straight for each other.

After a quick bus ride (I followed in my own car), we arrived at the Gibson Library. The kids learned about all of the different areas, ways to find books for their age group, and even got to read a story and sing a few songs with a librarian.

Char obviously wanted to be called on reallyyy badly.

They searched for books and each picked one to check out. 

Charley loved the check out process and helped the next few kids in line behind her.

Then she laid on the rug and read books with her besties until it was time to head back to school.

When we got back, it was time for Grace's class to go to lunch. Since I had already taken the day off, I stayed and ate with her and her friends.

Charley's lunch was right after Grace's, so I stayed for hers, too.

After our fun morning, I went to get a pedicure and saw this from the Fox 5 Weather Center.

Karlsson said that the guys were calling themselves the Golden Misfits, since they all came from teams that didn't want them, and it took off all around the city.

Char's class had ice cream at snack time for 'I'ce Cream Day.

Wednesday was 'J'ump Rope Day, and Charley got her jump on.

Perry asked for a quesadilla on the way home from school.

We watched the Knights play again. I feel like I switch my favorite player every week. I started off in love with Engelland, but I've consistently switched between him, Marchessault, and Reaves. They'll my top three, but they're all tied for number one. 

Charley's class learned more about chickens as they wait for their baby chicks to hatch, and she brought home some fun things she made at school.

Gracie wrote a story about a dancing unicorn and ever drew some pictures to go with it. It reads more like a movie trailer, and I kept laughing with every twist and turn.

Charley wore her jersey to school for 'K'nights Day.

The girls had gymnastics after school where they worked on their vault somersaults.

Perry's class celebrated her birthday since it was coming up on Saturday, and she refused to take her hat off as we headed home from school.

I came across this hockey prayer and loved it so much.

Char was obviously exhausted from school and passed out as soon as she got home.

She made a pretty rainbow wind catcher to hang in the back yard. I made her hang it in her room so it didn't get ripped by the wind.

We played with some face filters that had us all laughing.

Perry pulled Charley's hair, and Daddy told her she had to give back the strands that she pulled out. She looked all over the living room for Char's hair, so she could give it back.

We watched the Knights game, and Gracie made a video to cheer them on.

The Knights got their 58th victory in their 91st game of the season. If that doesn't prove that we have angels cheering on our team, I don't know what does.

Saturday was Perry's birthday, and she's already two years old!

The girls had soccer games on Saturday, but we also had Perry's birthday party that evening. Daddy stayed home to get ready, while I took the girls to their games.

Since Perry's birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo, that's her party theme for life. We had the best time celebrating at her fiesta with family and friends.

Perry's BFF Acelyn was born just two days after her, so we went to the park to celebrate her birthday on Sunday. They are seriously the cutest baby besties. Everyone always says how much they look alike, and they've always just played so well together. They had a blast running through the splash pad, going down all of the slides, and eating as much ice cream as they could.

Happy Birthday, Acelyn!!

After the party, we went home for naps, and then we all got our Knights gear on and headed to the arena. Although it was an away game, we just knew the Knights were going to beat the Sharks to move on to round three. We wanted to be there to celebrate with all of our fellow Knights lovers, and although it was a little warm out, the party did not disappoint. The Knights won, and everyone was going crazy! It's so exciting to have your hometown team winning playoff games. The buzz around the city is incredible, and we're having so much fun with it. I was born in Vegas, which means I've never had a professional home team in any sport. The way strangers yell "Go Knights Go" at each other and give high fives walking through the grocery store makes me so proud to be from this city.

Over the weekend, the chicks in Charley's class hatched, and her teacher kept sending us pictures of them. Char was so excited and couldn't wait to go to school on Monday to see them.

This week was super busy and super exciting.

See ya next week!

Go Knights Go!!

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