And Now She's TWO!

Guys, Perry is TWO! It's super crazy, because we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. Seriously, I was released twenty-four hours after my cesarean, and we came home during an overcast off-and-on rainy kind of day. It was magical. As we drove home with out little peanut in the back seat, we heard Better Place by Rachel Platten on the radio, and we instantly knew that it was our song for Perry as we looked at each other with happy tears in our eyes. Grandma Espejo picked Grace and Char up from school and brought them home, and all was right in our world.

I remember a few days later Isaac came home from work to me nursing Perry on the couch and bawling my eyes out. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him that I was so sad, because I didn't want her to ever grow up. Then, I blinked, and now she's two.

That's really how it happens. Especially when you're busy with two older kids in sports and school and working full time and trying to balance everything else in your life. I just can't even believe that she's this little person now with opinions and independents thoughts. 

Luckily, she's the fun one in our house. This girl loves to giggle and wants to make sure that everyone around her is giggling, too. She's the happiest kid and rarely ever fusses or throws fits. 

At two years old, Perry is weighing twenty-five pounds and stands at thirty-four inches tall. She's still pretty petite. Grace was twenty-nine pounds and thirty-four inches, and Charley was exactly the same  as Perry with half a pound more in weight. Perry is wearing 2T in most things, but she's still in 18/24 month bottoms as the 2Ts fall off of her. She's wearing a six in normal shoes and is barely moving into a five in moccasins. Girlfriends loves shoes and always wants to wear them, even inside. She loves sneakers, and they are always her go to.

Perry is getting so smart and can count to twenty, sing her ABC's, and knows most of her colors. She likes to say "yeh-yow" or "pink!" every time you ask her what color something is, but she'll tell you the right one after you tell her it's not actually yellow or pink. She loves to read books and will "read" you a whole story as long as you are sitting next to her paying attention. She'll also yell at you to "yook" when you stop paying attention. Whenever she wants to show you something that she can do, she'll say, "Mommy! Yook at me" and then everyone watches her every move, because she's definitely going to do something either super cute or super hilarious.

She loves to start out sentences with the word "so". On the way home from school she'll say, "shooow, I had a good day". It's adorable and makes me laugh every single time. 

Perr Perr has moved up to the two year old class at school, and is doing so well in there. She loves to paint and color, and she's really loving the dress up area. I picked her up from school the other day, and she had a purse on her shoulder and was "vacuuming" the classroom.

She's currently obsessed with Baby Shark and all of the similar songs, and I hate them. All of them. We went a solid week where every time we got in the car, walked in the house, or sat down to breathe, Perry would play Baby Shark as loud as possible on her iPad. It's now been banned from our house, and I hope I never hear it ever again.

Perry pretty much loves all music. She loves to play random songs and mouth the words to them, even though she doesn't know any of the words. When she does know a song, she'll sing it loudly for all to hear. She's currently loving "Meant to Be", "Whatever it Takes", and "FRIENDS". She will always when dance when she hears music, and baby girl has got some moves.

Perry also loves her movies. We're still on the Frozen kick (she calls it Elsa and Anna) with Brave, Sherlock Gnomes, and Free Willy as secondary options.

She loves to swim and does great in the pool with her puddle jumper. She loves to hold your hands and jump from the edge of the pool into the water, and water slides are her jam.

We are so close to having her potty trained. She goes on the potty every morning when she wakes up, and she'll tell us she needs to potty and goes in the bathroom and goes on her own. She still has accidents all the time and also wears diapers when we aren't at home. We're getting ready for the final push in the next few days, and I'm excited to be out of the diaper stage.

Perry can say anything and everything and speaks in full sentences while holding conversations with Daddy, Mommy, or her big sisters. She gets a little shy when other people are around, but it doesn't take her long to open up.

She loves to eat and would snack all day if we'd let her. Her favorites are a string cheese and apple sauce pouch. She opens the fridge and demands "apple sauce cheese" constantly. Girlfriend also loves raw red bell peppers, avocados, any kind of chicken, cheese quesadillas, strawberries, apples, cereal (she eats a snack pack full of Honey Nut Cheerios every morning with her cup of milk), fruit roll ups, and pizza.

Gummy Bears are her all time favorite thing along with her blankies. She always has one with her, and she's got a pretty good supply of bamboo muslin swaddle blankets. Her most favorite is white with grapefruits on it, but she's good as long as she's got one in eyesight. 

She loves to play with her babies, color with her sisters, and jump on the trampoline. Any time she spots it out the window, she tells us, "I jump". Perry loves her Golden Knights and yells out "Go Knights Go" no matter what sporting event we're watching, even a UFC fight. She sleeps with her stuffed Chance doll and always goes for her Knights shirts when I ask her what she's going to wear today. 

Perry loves to snuggle and still sleeps with us at bed time. I don't know that we'll ever let her leave our bed, because we both love to cuddle with her. She's tried to sleep with sisters, but I always put her in bed with me before I go to sleep. She always wants to be tickled. You know she's ready to go to sleep when she says, "tickle my yeg". Perry still naps for 2-3 hours every day, but if we're busy and running around, she can get by without one. She hates to wake up in the mornings, except on Saturdays and Sundays. It always takes a few minutes to get her up for school on weekdays. 

This kid is a total Daddy's girl and always wants to be near him. She loves to cuddle into his arms while they watch a movie, and if he's not nearby, she'll ask to FaceTime him. Most of the time she prefers him over Mommy, which is just not fair at all.

We love her so stinking much, and even though it makes me sad that she's growing up so fast, we're having so much fun watching her little personality develop as she learns new things.

This is the Perriest face you'll ever see. Baby girl is trouble.

Happy Second Birthday, Perr Bear!!

(Grace - Charley - Perry)

(Full transparency: I wrote this when Perry was two years and two months old.)

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