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Pool Day

We were finally home on a Saturday when it was warm and there was no wind. We decided to take Grace to my mom's and have her first pool day! She enjoyed relaxing in the shade... ...but she wasn't too sure about the water at first. After she got used to it, she fell asleep. I walked around with her in the water for a while, and she took a nice, long nap. Then she spent the rest of the afternoon floating around the pool on her raft. Grace loves pool days just as much as her mommy. Maybe we'll have to have one next weekend too!

Over the River...

...and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go. This past weekend, we went up to the cabin again since the weatherman was calling for a heat wave in Vegas. (It got up to 116!!) They had a small festival called "Duck Creek Days" up there. It was pretty fun, and we got Grace the cutest quilt! We also got her some pretty cute headbands, but they're a little big so she'll have to grow into them! Here she is getting ready to head to the fair. It rained on Saturday after we got back to the cabin from town, so we sat out on the balcony and enjoyed the view. Grace didn't enjoy the rain too much. So we let her relax under the awning in her swing. After the rain stopped, we decided to go for a ride on the trails and find some geocaches ( see here for an explanation ). The first one was about 4 miles away, and we had to drive through a river creek. Allison and I were too scared to cross until Isaac went first. Then we came up to some HUGE hills where we a

One Month Old

This week, we took Grace to her one month wellness check-up at Dr. Vu's office. It was very obvious to us that she is growing up way too fast. Dr. Vu told us that at 2 months old she would be able to: Smile when excited Hold her head up about 45 degrees during "tummy time" Start making cooing noises Roll onto her side Dr. Vu was pretty impressed when we told him that she was already doing all of this stuff. Right on cue, Gracie started smiling and cooing for him. It was so adorable. Grace now weighs 10 pounds, 2 ounces. She is 21 and 3/4 inches long. Both of these statistics are in the 75th percentile, so her doctor thinks she is going to be tall. Grace also had to get her second PKU test and her second shot. This was the first time that I had to be with her when getting stuck with a needle. I was really nervous, but Grace acted like a pro. When they started, she would let out a little scream and then suck on her binky really hard. It definitly was not as bad as

Grandma's Visit

The week after the Fourth of July, Isaac's grandma and great grandma flew out from Nebraska to meet Grace. We had a wonderful time with them! While Isaac was working, I was able to stay home during the day, so they came over and hung out with Grace and I. Isaac's Great Grandma Jennie is famous for her pasta and sausage. On Saturday night, she made us a HUGE pasta dinner with spicy Italian sausage and a yummy salad. They all drank some red wine, laughed, and talked about their family history. The most special part about this visit (besides spending time with these awesome women) was being able to take a 5-generation family photo. Not many people get to do this nowadays, and we had a blast taking tons of pictures. Grandma Lisa, Great Grandma Sally, Great Great Grandma Jennie, Daddy, and Grace Grandma and Grandpa Whiting Grace and Great Grandma Sally Daddy, Mommy, and Grace Gracie and her Grandmas We are so happy that they were able to come spend some time with us and wit

Grace's First Vacation

Grace's first vacation was a trip up to the cabin when she was almost three weeks old. Isaac got off early on Friday and we headed up there with my mom, stepdad, and sister. On the way up there, we stopped in Pintura so Grace could meet her Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, and Aunt Laura. We also took a four generation picture with Grandma. Grace and Great Grandma Beth Grace with Great Grandpa Jesse Great Grandma Beth, Grandma Lisa, Me, and Grace After visiting with them for a couple of hours, we headed up the mountain to the cabin. It was a nice break for Isaac and I, because my mom helped put Grace to bed and watch her in the mornings so we could catch up on some much needed sleep. I also got some time to catch up on the blog a little bit while Grace played Hide and Go Seek with daddy. On Saturday, Uncle Larry, Aunt Jessie, and Sydney came in from Texas to hang out for the weekend. We had such a fun time with them all. It was nice to see them and spend a whole weekend with the