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Slimy Pumpkin Guts

This year has been so hectic. We are busy allll the time, and life hasn't slowed down for a second. Each year around Halloween, we carve pumpkins. This was a tradition that Isaac and I did even before our kiddos came along. It was so hard to find time to do it this year. We bought the pumpkins, gutted them, and used them for props for pictures instead. So we kind of carved pumpkins. Grace was not a fan of the slimy pumpkin guts. (Better believe that this will be the first thing on my Halloween to-do list next year!) Charley wore her sweet "Daddy is under my spell" socks that Grandma Crnkovich sent her. (Thanks, Grandma C!) When Grace was a baby, we put her in a pumpkin, and she hated it. It was Charley's turn this year, and she would've sat there all night if I'd let her. She just laughed, squealed, and hung out. When we got home from work on Halloween night, Uncle Zac, Stef, and Presley came over to hang out.

The Best Thing We Could Have Done

Happy Half-Birthday, Charley! It's hard to believe the little stinker is already six months old. She's got two bottom teeth and two top teeth. She can fully sit up, move around to get her toys, and get up on all fours. It won't be long before she's crawling around. She can stand on her own while holding onto something for support. She easily rolls back and forth from tummy to back and vice versa. She uses her feet to push her forward while on her tummy. She's pretty good at getting whatever she's after, and is easily able to put everything in her mouth. She likes peaches and pears (when they're warm). At her six month wellness check-up, Charley weighed in at fifteen pounds and four ounces. (That's four whole pounds less than Grace weighed at this age!) She is twenty-five inches long. Her size six month clothes fit her best, but she'll be able to wear them for a while. I've starting buying everything in ni

Last Week...

...Charley showed off her awesome squeeeaaalll while playing with Mommy: ...she played with Elle the Elephant in her crib: ...Grace dealt with allergies (from that hay throwing we spoke about at the wedding) . We had to get her some eye drops from the doctor because she had so much drainage that her tear ducts were getting clogged: ...she read me stories while we waited for Dr. King to see us: ...Charley continued teething. Obviously, Minnie Mouse is her favorite teething toy: Her toes are her second favorite: ...she snuggled in her swing: ...Grace napped in the car: ...Charley finally liked and ate something besides breastmilk. We tried a different brand of pears (the kind of pouches Grace ate allll the time as a baby - Plum Organics), and she totally loved them:  ...little panda bear snuggled in her sleeper (this kid is even more obsessed with blankies than her sister...they definitely inherited that one from me!)