Last Week...

...Grandma Lisa took Grace and Charley to the park:

...Charley snuggled in bed with Mommy: awesome girls at work got me coffee, flowers, and a massage for National Bosses Day (you guys rock!):

...I made some headband holders for Grace, Charley, and Presley:

...Grace cracked her head open (or crapped her head open as she says) at my mom's. Cashy jumped on her lap, knocking her chair back, and she hit her head on a rock wall behind her. It looked a lot scarier than it was. When I got there, and she finally let me take a look, it was the tiniest little cut. It still scared the crap out of me and broke my heart to see her cry:

...I took a picture of little Charley bug sleeping, and she wasn't too happy about the flash:

...she played on Grammy's iPad: sister helped me bake some yummy cookies that help with milk supply. They are much yummier than I was expecting, so it's not hard to eat them at all, and they really do help:

...Charley snuggled in her towel after bath time Saturday morning:

...Isaac and her hung out in the grass in Pintura. Doesn't she look so tiny here?!:

...we made our annual trip to Staheli Farm.

...we went to lunch at Red Robin, and they had TVs on the ground. Grace tried playing with them like iPads:
...we attended a beautiful wedding in Pintura, Utah. girls snuggled in bed and melted my heart to pieces:

...Charley played with Uncle Elijah and his girlfriend, Ashley:
See ya next week :)

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Last Week...

Last Week...

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