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Last Week...

...Perry slept while I worked on Monday morning. Then when I fed her, the spitting up continued all over me - down my arm, in my shirt, and even in my hair. ...we changed her (and me) , and she slept while I worked some more. We picked the girls up from school, and Charley wanted to hold her the second we got home. ...Isaac gave Grace an old phone of his, and, despite me telling her she couldn't, she took it to school with her. A few days later, while it was charging in my room, Isaac and I went through it and found some of the most hilarious photos and videos. It almost felt like we were reading her diary. These are some pictures she took at school. ...Perry woke for a feeding after a six hour stretch of sleep that night. Yay! ...the next morning, she was wide awake in her cute little jammies. ...Gracie had her end of the year Kindergarten play, so we got all ready and headed to her school to watch her. She's been so excited