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Last Week...

...every day when I pick the girls up from school, they say, "I want to go get Toodles! I wonder what he's doing?" They love coming home to this sweet little guy. ...I had painted their nails the night before, and I swear, every time it comes off within a day. I don't get it. ...I've been trying to get caught up on True Blood before the final season ends, so Char laid in bed with me and watched her iPad while I watched a few episodes. ...after bath time, they went outside to help Daddy water their pumpkin plants and orange tree. It turned into spinning each other on the swings like crazy people. ...Char always brings home the cutest little projects from school. We just love her teacher, Miss "Teh-wuh" Tara. ...Daddy played with the girls in usual wresting fashion when he got home from work. ...I got my nails done in anticipation of the Fourth of July. (Go see Tiffani at