Last Week...

...Gracie got the cutest new swimsuit and matching sunglasses for her birthday weekend in Newport.

(Thanks again, Aunt Susie and Uncle Mike!!)

...we had dinner at Memphis Barbecue where Grace serenaded us with her version of the song "Beachin'".

...Charley bounced around on the couch while watching Winnie the Pooh. I tried getting her to sing her ABC's, because I haven't been able to get it on camera, but she just started bouncing again and sang "Let it Go" instead.

...the girls played with their princess Barbies in Gracie's bed.

...Charley loves wearing hats and always wears this fedora around the house.

...she fell asleep (with Ariel, Woody, and Pooh) in her bed all by herself.

...we went to Elijah's high school graduation at the Thomas and Mack.

(Congrats, Elijah!! We couldn't be more proud!)

...the girls swam up a storm at Grandma and Grandpa Espejo's afterwards. Grace was cracking me up with her "diving" skills and those goggles, while Char just played drums on the side of the pool.

...when we went inside, Charley and Grace were coloring on the glass table top when it fell off the stand and onto Char's ankle/foot. It instantly swelled up and bruised, but she didn't cry for too long, because she fell asleep. She stayed asleep when we got home, but woke up crying from midnight to 1:30 because it hurt to put it down on the bed. I thought for sure it was broken, and we'd have to hit the ER in the morning. I prayed a lot, and held her tightly while she slept.

...the next morning, I had her test it out, and she was totally fine. Thank God for that! She even wanted to wear shoes and go to school.

...Merida came over to play.

...Char watched Toy Story, while I admired her sweet little face.

...Charley and Daddy fought each other - one of Char's most favorite times of day.

...we went to Elijah's graduation party on Friday where Grace and Charley had a blast playing with Presley and practiced their balancing skills in the living room.

...on the way home, we stopped to watch the "Friday the Thirteenth Honey Moon" rise over the hills. Gracie loved it, and Charley just slept. You could see it rising pretty quickly, and Grace couldn't get over the fact that it moved. It was pretty cool! 

...Gracie turned FOUR!

...we spent the weekend celebrating and having the best time at Newport Beach.

...the girls had plans to have a sleepover with Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig, so we stopped over there on our way home from Newport. Grandma got Gracie an Ariel ice cream cake that she absolutely loved. She also got her the coolest Ariel dress that lights up and sings along with just about every Little Mermaid accessory you can think of. I think this was easily the best birthday any kid has ever had!

That's all for now! See you next week :)

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