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This Week..

...Grace enjoyed some mac and cheese from Memphis Barbecue:

...we had our fantasy football drafts. Grace was pretty excited helping me pick our team, but it was taking too long so she dozed off:

...we went to Poppa and Gran's for dinner where Grace decided to eat a lemon:

...Grace fell asleep in Poppa's arms and wouldn't get up when I went to get her on Friday:

It was a pretty quiet week for us.
We'll have more excitement in the coming weeks. Promise.

This Week...

...Grace had fun dressing up and playing with my necklaces:

...she drank juice and kicked back on the couch during our daily afternoon Olivia session:

...we added to our ever expanding Olivia collection. She's really taking over our lives:
(note: we've already added another small, stuffed, pajama Olivia and two more books since this photo was taken)
...Kasie came over for dinner and fed Grace chocolate cream pie before bed time. Thanks, Kas:

...we went to see Dierks Bentley at Coyote Country Fest with our favorite people. The girls and I made sure to bring our homemade backstage passes so we could meet him after the show. They didn't work:

...Isaac took Grace in the backyard and let her play in Cash's pool. She had a blast:

...I went to Lindsey's (one of my best friends from high school) bridal shower and hung out with some great girls. SOOO excited for the wedding. Love you Linds:

...while I was there, Isaac took Gracie to Montesano's for a daddy/daughter date…

Quest for Quilts

(Warning: this blog contains a crazy amount of pictures for your, a lot!)

If you've been following for a while, you know that my family has a cabin in Elkridge, UT (about 10 minutes past Duck Creek).
We like to go there to get away from Vegas and escape the excessive heat warnings.
Every summer, we head to the Duck Creek Days festival. They have awesome food, adorable things for babies/small children, and THE cutest quilts you've ever seen.

Since the festival was this past weekend, we left work at noon on Friday and made our way up the mountain.

Once we arrived, we were shocked by how cool it was. We're talkin' sixty-five degree highs! It was a blessing since we've been enduring the blazing heat of summer the past few weeks.

Grace put her new boots on and we hung out in the front yard while deciding what to do for dinner.

Grandpa Rick has a fire pit up there and she really liked taking rocks and twigs out and then throwing them back in:

After playing …

This Week...

...Grace learned how to say "uh-oh":

...we went shopping again and Grace got some Wetzel's Pretzel Bites for being so good (but let's be honest...this kid is ALWAYS good when we go shopping because she loves to shop!):

...Grace made up a new game. She hides Olivia and says, "uh-oh" and then says, "Olivia" like she can't find her. Crazy kid:

...we went to dinner with Isaac's mom and cousins that were in town from Virginia. Grace tried ranch for the first time and made a new friend:

...we went to the cabin for Duck Creek Days.

One Plus Two

One year plus two months...Grace is now fourteen months old!


This little chunker just keeps getting better.

She has ELEVEN teeth.
Wears size 5 shoes.
She's in 2T clothing for the most part, although she can still get by on her 18 month clothes.
Loves to brush her teeth.
Only nurses at night and eats all kinds of big kid foods (her favs are corn-on-the-cob and macaroni).
Can't get enough of the movie Toy Story 3...we've watched it at least twelve times this week.
She loves to play with other kids her age. Especially Noah and Easton.
Weighs 24 pounds.
She's in size four diapers and has been for quite a while.
Plays with shoes like they're the greatest thing in the world. She's constantly got one in each hand.
Loves to play with mommy's jewelry.
Reads books to Daddy in gibberish.
Still loves Olivia!
Little baby girl has grown into the funnest, sweetest kid in the world. We have so much fun with her. She has got us laughing constantly, and we cherish the moments wh…

Potty At Our House!

Since Grace recently discovered how to take her diaper off, I thought it would be smart to start introducing her to the potty.
I'm not expecting her to be potty trained any time soon, but at least she can learn about it.
Off we went to Babies R Us for the fourth time this week to get a potty. 
I let her "choose" the one she wanted even though I had actually already picked it out.
It's nice because it can sit on the ground or be used on the big toilet as a smaller seat.
When we got home, we set her on it to see what she would do:

Isaac thought he should show her what to do, so he sat next to her on the big potty.
She looked up at him with the cutest little grin:

Since she kept sitting there, we took her clothes off to see if she'd actually go in the potty:

She thought this was hilarious and kept getting up and running around all over the house.
Then I tried using the little seat on the big potty to see how that would work.
I gave her juice and we sat there for a couple of mi…

This Week...

...Grandma Lisa took Grace to the mall on Monday to people watch. They both had a lot of fun:

...Grace read Cash and me a bedtime story. She really loves this dog. Whenever he comes inside she screams with excitement and they take turns chasing each other all over the house. Although he drives me nuts, they truly are best friends, and it's adorable to watch:

...we made dinner at home every single night (except for one...see below). This really is an accomplishment for us. I'd say we usually cook at home once a week if we're lucky. I'm very impressed. We even bought all organic groceries, but that explanation is for another time. We're hoping to continue this habit so we can teach our daughter (it still sounds weird to say that) healthy habits. Here's Daddy helping Grace with her corn-on-the-cob:

...Grace and I ate some pretzel bites while shopping for some more new fall clothes:

...we celebrated Ellie's birthday at Ventano, and Grace helped her open her present…