Potty At Our House!

Since Grace recently discovered how to take her diaper off, I thought it would be smart to start introducing her to the potty.

I'm not expecting her to be potty trained any time soon, but at least she can learn about it.

Off we went to Babies R Us for the fourth time this week to get a potty. 

I let her "choose" the one she wanted even though I had actually already picked it out.

It's nice because it can sit on the ground or be used on the big toilet as a smaller seat.

When we got home, we set her on it to see what she would do:

Isaac thought he should show her what to do, so he sat next to her on the big potty.

She looked up at him with the cutest little grin:

Since she kept sitting there, we took her clothes off to see if she'd actually go in the potty:

She thought this was hilarious and kept getting up and running around all over the house.

Then I tried using the little seat on the big potty to see how that would work.

I gave her juice and we sat there for a couple of minutes:

Finally, she tinkled and insisted on getting her own toilet paper.

We started clapping and cheering (which the scared the heck out of her).

We've decided to try once a week, and if she keeps going we'll work up from there.

Hard to believe baby girl is getting so big!

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