This Week...

...Grace had fun dressing up and playing with my necklaces:


...she drank juice and kicked back on the couch during our daily afternoon Olivia session:

...we added to our ever expanding Olivia collection. She's really taking over our lives:

(note: we've already added another small, stuffed, pajama Olivia and two more books since this photo was taken)

...Kasie came over for dinner and fed Grace chocolate cream pie before bed time. Thanks, Kas:

...we went to see Dierks Bentley at Coyote Country Fest with our favorite people. The girls and I made sure to bring our homemade backstage passes so we could meet him after the show. They didn't work:

...Isaac took Grace in the backyard and let her play in Cash's pool. She had a blast:

...I went to Lindsey's (one of my best friends from high school) bridal shower and hung out with some great girls. SOOO excited for the wedding. Love you Linds:

...while I was there, Isaac took Gracie to Montesano's for a daddy/daughter date night:

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