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Four Months: The Land of Charley

Little Charley Bug is now four months old:

 She's so adorably cute!

I remember the thoughts that ran through my mind when I discovered that we'd be bringing another little babe into this world. "Will I be able to love him/her like I love Grace?" "Will he/she fit into our family?" I am willing to admit that I was a little petrified at the thought of Grace becoming a big sister and myself becoming a mother of TWO.

It turns out that Charley is just what our family needed without us knowing that we needed anything at all. Grace loves to be a "big girl" and help Charley as well as do things for herself. My heart has quadrupled in size as I watch my two little ones snuggle. I can't get enough of either of my babies and wish I had all the time in the world to snuggle them constantly. (Since I cannot, I take what I can get.)

I love watching these little girls grow and learn new things. Whether it's just how to reach for a toy or learning how to s…

Last Week...

...I totally forgot to mention the week before that Grace had her first modeling gig. She took photos in Halloween costumes for a catalogue and will be used on the packaging in stores. They liked her so much that she's going back next week to do more costumes! We weren't allowed to take any pictures, but I'll be sure to post pictures of the catalogue as soon as it comes out. So proud of my baby girl!
:) (<- that's a HUGE smile on my face!)
...we got lots of rain. Grace and I spent a lot of time in the backyard soaking it up:

...Grace carried Charley to the bath:

...Mommy and Charley played while waiting for the tub to fill up:

Side Note: We have suuuper hard water up here, so about once a year our hot water to our tub stops working. We have to remove the cartridge and either adjust it or replace it. Isaac isn't the greatest handy man, so he replaced the handle upside down. We only get really hot water or really cold water. (Thanks for trying, honey!) This means w…

Last Week...

...Charley hung out in her pack n play for the first time:

...we had taco night, and the whole family chipped in:

...Grace and Daddy read together:

...Charley and Mommy played:

...Grace sang the intro song to The Lorax:
(I'll have to get this on's adorable!)
...Charley napped on Daddy:

...we had dinner at Poppa's, and Grace danced to Duran Duran:

...Charley finally laughed out loud:

...Aunt Jessie, Uncle Larry, and Aunt Laura came to town, so we had dinner at El Torito. After dinner, Grace had gum balls for the first time and loved them.

...the girls enjoyed their new swing set:

...we had fun during bath time. Every night when I tell Grace it's bath time, she tells me, "I yuv baff time. Chaw-yee taked a baff, too?" She loves helping us wash Charley. I'm so glad she's back to enjoying baths again:

...Grace played with Mommy's make-up brushes while we got all dressed up for breakfast on Saturday: