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Still Eating Candy

Since Halloween fell on a Thursday this year, the girls were at school for the day. They got to wear their costumes, go trick-or-treating, and have a Halloween party.   Isaac and I got to take our lunch early from work and hang out with them for a while. Charley saw us first and was so excited that she started crying. We took her with us to Grace's classroom, and she had so much fun pretending to be a big girl with sister's class.   Zac and Stefanie came to see Presley, too, so they joined us in Gracie's class.     Cutest Cookie Monster!!   They trick-or-treated from class to class by age group, so Charley's class was after the infants. She wasn't really into it until Gracie opened up a sucker for her. Then she did whatever they wanted her to do, because she was content. All of the other kids kept trying to get into their candy, but the teachers would tell them they had to wait until they got back to their classrooms. When Charley would