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Last Week...

...the Unertls came over to celebrate an early Christmas with us, and the girls had so much fun with Jakson. Char watched Paw Patrol with him, and they all had a light saber war with Jeremy. ...Char made sure to give him kisses good-bye. I can't believe next time we see them, Jakson will be a big brother! ...we hit the half way point of this pregnancy and officially decided on baby Perry Louise's name. Can you believe she'll be here in just nineteen weeks?! ...Grace slept on the top bunk by herself all week. It was a struggle at first, but each night gets easier and easier. One night, I heard her mumbling to herself something like, "blah blah blah my family, blah blah blah all my grandpa and grandmas, blah blah blah thank you and I love you. In Jesus name, Amen." It may be the pregnancy hormones, but I almost burst into tears. Listening to her beautiful little soul say her prayers all by herself was the sweetest thing I've ever hear

The Magic of Christmas

This Christmas was one of the most fun, memorable, relaxing holidays that we've had. It all started with us remembering to put Santa's milk and cookies out BEFORE the girls went to bed on Christmas Eve. I think this may be the first time, and it only happened because Gracie reminded us to do it. The girls fell asleep early, so Santa and his elves got to work getting the presents around the tree. He was smart this year, and didn't really get anything that needed to be put together. When the girls woke up the next morning (at 6:00 am) , I showed them this picture that I took of Santa in our living room. They couldn't believe it. Grace asked how I saw him, so I told her that I went to get a drink of water, and he was there when I turned around. She was in awe. The only thing Charley asked Santa for was a pink teddy bear. He got her the biggest one he could find, and when she came down the stairs, she tackled it into the girls new teepee.