Last Week...

...we went to dinner with the family to celebrate Allison's birthday, and the girls wouldn't leave this waterfall alone despite the fact that it was freezing cold outside.

(Happy Birthday, Auntie!)

...Grace had Candy Cane Day at school Tuesday, so she wore her cutest Santa outfit. I was wrapping gifts, Grace took some scraps of wrapping paper and used them to perfect her ABC's.

...Wednesday was Winter Wonderland Day at school where they had to wear blue and white.

...she sang Adele on the way home. This girl usually belts out every word, but she got shy when she noticed I was filming her. I, myself, am not a fan of this song due to the fact that it's on the radio every 1.3 seconds.

...Charley had her Christmas recital at school that night and was the cutest little reindeer ever.

...Friday night, Charley started throwing up out of no where. She said, "my neck hurts" and then lost it all over the carpet. She was so cute snuggling on the couch in my Titans shirt and her pigtail buns. She woke up all night saying she was so thirsty. She'd take a drink of water and then throw it up within five minutes. At about 5:00 in the morning, she woke up with a smile and was miraculously all better, while I was now beyond exhausted.

...we ate breakfast at The Coffee Cup where she made coffee creamer trains and castles.

...we shopped at Target where the girls rocked out with the Beats headphones. I almost bought them the wireless ones for their iPads until I noticed they were $300! Nope. Sorry.

...we grubbed on pizza, cannolis, and Oreo cheesecake at Grimaldi's.

...the girls new bunk beds came in (their present from Mom and Dad), and we got them all put together and made the beds. Now we just have to finish moving the rest of the furniture and cleaning the other side of their room. 

...we went to see The Nutcracker on Sunday with Grammy, and Aunties Geni and Allison. The girls wore the cutest white and silver outfits, and everyone kept saying they looked like little snow fairies. Isaac said they looked like they were headed to a ball, which made Grace love her outfit even more.

...we had so much fun, and Charley only fell asleep ten minutes before the end this year. She snuggled with baby sister, while Grace partied with the streamers. Thanks for taking us again, mom! This is one of our most favorite Christmas time traditions.

That's all for now! Next week is Christmas, and we can't wait!!

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