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Last Week...

...Perry and I hung out in the front, while Grace and Charley rode their bikes around the neighborhood. ...she worked on her rolling over skills and almost made it. ...the girls and I watched Homeward Bound , and Charley hated it. When the cat died, they were both crying. Then when it was found alive, Char really lost it. At the end, when the animals were all saved, she bawled, and I said, "See? Wasn't that a good movie?". She yelled between sobs, "No! I hate it." poor sensitive girl. ...we had some more beautiful sunrises this week. ...Perry napped at work, and I just wanted to snuggle her all day. ...she played on the floor at home, and she's getting better with her hands every day. Look at her holding that rattle by herself! ...Gracie had soccer practice, so Char brought her princesses along to keep her entertained. ...Perry was really rocking her "Pretty Eyes, Chubby Thighs" shirt.