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Last Week...

...we had Memphis Barbecue for dinner twice! Gracie loves her mac & cheese:

...Grandpa caught Gracie smoothing out the bottom of her already baby soft feet with Grammy's foot file while Nikki supervised. She's so smart:

...Grace changed Elmo's diaper while we were at Daddy's football game:

...she was a major cheese ball when I told her to smile for a picture:

...she brought all of her blankies home from Grammy's house on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed sleeping with all of them and all of her blankies from home:

...we went all the way across town to check out double strollers and decided on this amazing City Select one. Grace and Elmo loved it, and it has so many more options/features than the others. Plus, it's the prettiest:

While we were there, Grace (obviously) wanted this giant Elmo. Once Isaac saw that it was $60, he was determined to hide it. He enticed her with a puppy instead. Then he saw a cuter puppy and tried to trade her, but she wanted both. I made …

Last Week...

...I had a monthly check-up with Dr. Tyre and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. It's awesome each and every time. Everything is still going great. I have to take the glucose test in the next week or not looking forward to that!
...I met up with some old friends from middle/high school and we went to grab a bite to eat and catch up. It was so much fun to hang out with the girls for a few hours and reminisce about old times. Can't wait to do it again:

...Gracie brought orange slices home from Grammy's and devoured them in the car:

...Isaac's flag football team started their season while we were in Nebraska, so this week he had his first game. Of course Gracie and I went to watch him get his touchdown's:

...Grandpa Rick stopped by the house during the day to play with Grace and her dollhouse that he got her for Christmas:

...poor baby fell asleep in the shopping cart at the grocery store. I swear this kid can nap anywhere:

...we made tacos for dinner with…

In Comparison

I promised I'd post some of the older pictures we got when we were back in Nebraska.
My absolute favorite one has to be this one of Isaac and Zacarias:

Although these ones are pretty cute, too:

We got some pictures of his mom when she was younger:
(Sooo pretty!)
And even younger:
(That's Her on the Right with Papa Taylor and Aunt Susie on the left)
And some of his dad's side:
(Isaac is on the left with Grandpa Espejo, his dad, and Papa)
Isaac's dad at eighteen months:
(Can't you see a little Gracie in there?)
Here's one of Grandpa and Grandma Espejo the year before they were married:

And another one of them caught in the moment:

Going through all of these old pictures and hearing stories about all of Isaac'a parents and grandparents when they were younger really inspired us to start researching our history a little more.
We didn't start looking back until Thursday when we were in Nebraska, and we had to leave on Saturday. I wish we would've started a little soone…

The Rest of Nebraska

I've already shared the first half of our Omaha trip, so now I'll tell you about what we did the rest of the week in Nebraska.
Tuesday morning, after we got ready, we met Grandma Sally and went to spend a couple of days at her house.
The weather was absolutely beautiful, so the first thing we did when we arrived at her house was head out on her back deck. It's so gorgeous because her house sits right on the Elkhorn River. Grace loved running through the grass and skipping rocks with Daddy and Uncle Zacarias:

That night, we went to dinner with Grandma Sally, Grandpa Rick, Aunt Katie and Aunt Ashley:

Of course Grace got macaroni and cheese. She ate the entire huge bowl of it:

When she finished eating, Grandma Sally took her for a walk through the restaurant:

Afterwards, we headed back to their place to have some wine and catch up:

Grace showed off her iPad skills:

And then got tired pretty quick:

Even though it was Tuesday, Grandpa Rick wanted to show the boys his awesome canon. They…