The Rest of Nebraska

I've already shared the first half of our Omaha trip, so now I'll tell you about what we did the rest of the week in Nebraska.

Tuesday morning, after we got ready, we met Grandma Sally and went to spend a couple of days at her house.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, so the first thing we did when we arrived at her house was head out on her back deck. It's so gorgeous because her house sits right on the Elkhorn River. Grace loved running through the grass and skipping rocks with Daddy and Uncle Zacarias:

That night, we went to dinner with Grandma Sally, Grandpa Rick, Aunt Katie and Aunt Ashley:

Of course Grace got macaroni and cheese. She ate the entire huge bowl of it:

When she finished eating, Grandma Sally took her for a walk through the restaurant:

Afterwards, we headed back to their place to have some wine and catch up:

Grace showed off her iPad skills:

And then got tired pretty quick:

Even though it was Tuesday, Grandpa Rick wanted to show the boys his awesome canon. They went downstairs, loaded it up, and shot it off towards the river. It was sooo loud:

The next morning was much colder. We got ready and headed out to visit Great Grandma Jennie:

Grace was in a super happy mood all day and didn't stop smiling:

(That's Grace's Great Great Grandma!)

We had some sandwiches for lunch and then Grace played with her animal cars:

After Grandma Jennie's, we went to visit Grace's Great Great Aunt Carol at work:

Then we headed out to Aunt Susie's. By this time it had started to snow, but we still stopped by the house where Isaac and Zac grew up to see how it looks now:

We also drove by their elementary school and saw where they played with their friends.

Once we got to Aunt Susie's, we ordered some pizza and hung out downstairs. Grace had fun playing with their puppy Peyton because she's the same kind of dog as Cash:

Grace also had fun climbing on their stairs:

After we ate dinner, we drove all the way back to Grandma's and went straight to bed. The next day we were heading to see Papa and Diane.

Grace was so excited to see them!

This day got even colder! It was about fifteen degrees, snowing, and windy. Last time we came to Omaha it was ninety-five degrees with one hundred percent humidity. I must say that I am not a fan of this place. Luckily we had so much family to spend our time with indoors!

She played with Papa and asked him about everything in their house:

She even showed him her belly:

Then she had fun playing with Uncle Zac:

Grandma Di got out some old toys for her, and she really enjoyed them:

 We went through some old pictures at Papa's too (I'll include all of the old ones together in one blog post a little later). Here is a picture of Grace holding a picture of Daddy at about the same age:

Around lunch time we headed to Sorentino's. It's a little pizza place with an arcade that Isaac and Zac used to go to as kids. Daddy let Grace stomp around in the snow for a couple of minutes before we left:

At the arcade, Daddy took over all the coins and Grace was a little annoyed:

He was obviously very excited about third place:

Isaac did manage to get her a couple of stuffed animals from the claw machine. Grace kept running up to it so excited, but as soon as Isaac put the coins in and it started moving she'd freak out. This kid was terrified of the claw! Papa and Grandma Di distracted her for a bit:

Before we left Papa's, Grandma Di sewed new buttons onto Isaac and Zac's jackets where they had fallen off. Grace and Papa had lots of fun with the extra buttons:

We snapped a few more pictures before we went back to Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's house:

Our trip was so much fun! We already know we'll get to see Grandpa and Grandma Espejo in June, we're hoping for an October trip from Papa and Grandma Di, so when are the rest of you coming to see us?!

(You know we'll have a new baby by May...incentive?)

So happy we got to spend time with each and every one of you. 

We love you all so much, and cannot wait to see you again soon!

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