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This pregnancy has been much different from my last (mainly because I'm not sitting around all the time waiting for baby to come):

This time, I've got Grace keeping me busy from sun up 'til sun down, we've taken a couple of trips, and since we discovered the new little bun in the oven, we've celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and a couple of birthdays. Life has been absolutely insane the past few weeks, and I'm looking forward to the next few which should finally be calm(er).

Another thing making this pregnancy different from when I was cooking up Gracie, is the fact that we are having another girl. I don't have to buy clothes (even though I still am), decorate a nursery, or pick out tons of registry items. Don't get me wrong, there are still things we need for a second little one, but the only super big thing we need is an awesome double stroller that will allow us to take both kiddos places together. I originally wanted the Britax B Ready, but after reading reviews of Britax products, I've recently started leaning towards either Phil & Ted's Explorer OR Peg Perego's Duette:

Thankfully, my mom has already agreed to get us a stroller for our shower gift. I just need to decide which one I want!

(Is it weird that I'm totally excited about a stroller?!)

I also want some little cute things that she can have of her own instead of hand-me-downs. Kind of like these spiffy duds I picked up last week:

Or these adorable Minnie Mouse towels:

And this blanky:

We did a lot of Pooh and Elmo stuff with Grace, so I'm leaning more towards Minnie Mouse for [insert name here].

I also haven't had much time to write weekly blogs about the progress of this pregnancy which is where this one is coming from. I can't tell you how many times I run into people I haven't seen in years or family members that I don't talk to enough and they all tell me how much they love reading my blog. Not only does this make me want to blog more, but they always complain that baby number two isn't getting mentioned enough.

So, at this moment I am twenty-five weeks along.

This means that this poor kid with no name already has hair and has started to pack on the pounds. She is perfectly healthy and loves to do somersaults and kick me from all directions right when I finish eating. She always gets her last few stretches out just before I fall asleep and is peaceful throughout the night.

I haven't gained nearly as much weight as I did with Grace. In fact, I'm about 12 pounds lighter than I was at this stage of my last pregnancy. I can definitely feel a difference. The only pain I've gotten is heartburn which is pretty much allll the time. I'm surviving on Tums for now, but if it gets worse I'll start taking Zantac like I did with Grace. I'm just trying to avoid stronger medication getting to the baby unless I absolutely need it.

Baby is about a pound and a half and something like 13.5 inches long! That's longer than a full ear of corn. She has fully developed hands, arms, and legs. Her lungs are developing blood vessels and getting stronger each day. Baby also has over a 50% chance of survival if I were to go into labor today. 3 more weeks and you can up that to 80%!

We aren't going to settle on a name until she's born, but the strongest contenders at the moment are Charley, Halley, Marlee, Emmie, or Cameron. We want something different, but not something you've never heard before.

Grace is getting curious about my belly, too. I ask her where her baby sister is and she lifts my shirt up and kisses my belly. She's even felt her kick and get this huge smile on her face. When she's over it she'll put my shirt down and say "ahh done". She even learned how to say "baby" this week. It's the cutest thing everrrrr.

Isaac and I like to imagine what life will be like with two babies at home. We picture Grace being such a great big sister helping out with everything she can. We'll lay in bed watching movies with Grace and talk about all of the things we can't wait for. It's going to be so much fun having them both interact with each other all the time!

14 more weeks, and she'll be here. This pregnancy is seriously flying by!

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