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Big Boy {Nine Months Old}

Bro Bro is nine months old! I can't even believe it. He's now been on the outside longer than he was on the inside. He's still the happiest, most smiley baby around. Any time he makes eye contact with any of us, he just lights up, and he has a huge toothy grin now. Kid just got his eighth tooth! He's still drooling like a maniac, and everything he touches goes right in to his mouth. He is currently weighing in at twenty pounds, eight ounces and is twenty-eight and a half inches long. (Grace was 22.5 lbs - Charley was 18.5 lbs - Perry was 18 lbs, they were all 27.5 inches) He is wearing mostly twelve month sizes in clothing and is between size two and three in shoes. He's still in size four diapers and will be for a while. Brother has finally started eating pureed baby foods but only by the pouch. He doesn't want you to feed him with a spoon, because that's baby stuff. His favorite is Happy Baby's banana, sweet potato, and papaya. H