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Pre-Fourth of July

Since Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday, we celebrated the Saturday before with a few of our closest friends: Lake Las Vegas was having a firework show along with a live band, so we all headed out there to check it out. Traffic was crazy because everyone else in Las Vegas/Henderson decided to go see the fireworks, too. Because of this, we got there just as the show was about to start. We found our way over to a nice space on the grass, and Grace waited patiently for it to begin: Once the fireworks started, she was in awe: She kept laughing at them and yelling for more: As you can see, Charley was really enjoying them, too: We always have a fun time at Lake Las Vegas. It's beautiful, they almost always have a live band, and there is always beer to drink. After the fireworks, we danced, drank a few Dos Equis', and laughed: Charley finally woke up and Bethany held her the rest of night. Charley absolutely love


Charley girl is already two months old: I remember Grace's first year going by fast (so fast that I don't remember most of it until I look back at pictures) . It is just me, or does time pass you by quicker with each child? I feel like Grace has always been as old as she is now. When I look at pictures of her as a baby or at one year old, it makes me want to cry because I'll never get these times back with them being so small and sweet. I can't believe it was nine whole weeks ago that I was in the hospital with my newest baby girl. INSANE! Anyways, she's doing great and has now started to greet us with smiles each time she sees us: This little chicken loves to smile and coo. She can hold her head up pretty well, make eye contact, and even look around the room. She's got a tight little grip and likes to use it on her blankets and Mommy's shirts. She doesn't spit up as much as that first month, and only needs to be bu

Kind of Ridiculous

For Grace's birthday, Grammy and Papa Rick got her a new playhouse: Kind of ridiculous for a two year old? Ok, maybe. It's totally awesome though! Pardee Homes has subcontractors donate material and build these sweet houses each summer. They display them at Town Square for a few weeks. Then they either have a raffle or (like this year) an auction to sell them. The money goes to the  'Homeaid Southern Nevada'  charity. Papa Rick has had his eye on one of these for the past two years. He finally won it this year. Last week, it was delivered to their house: (Notice the trees on the right that were special ordered for this spoiled kid!) They have big plans for this place: garden walls, swing sets, landscaping, paver pathways - it's clear they love their little Gracie. Here's Grammy and Grace getting ready to go check it out for the first time: Papa Rick showing Gracie her surprise: She was sooo exci

Last Week...

...Grace was playing with her baby and decided she was hungry. The little mommy was even smart enough to burp her: ...Charley discovered the stars hanging above her swing and was pretty intrigued: ...we decided to make a doll bed for Charley's newborn photo shoot. Plus, the girls will be able to play with it forever. On Tuesday, we headed to Lowe's to get the wood: Grace ate a whole bag of Cheetos while we were waiting for them to cut the wood and ended up with an orange face: ...Charley's face really started to fill out: ...she had a bit of a tummy ache at work, so I let her lay across my legs and she passed out: ...Grace hung out at Grammy's on Wednesday: ...Charley played in her Bumbo for the first time: Grace wanted me to take pictures of her, too: (such a cheeseball) ...I made some chocolate covered strawberries for our Friday night dinner. I got an idea from Pinterest