Charley girl is already two months old:

I remember Grace's first year going by fast (so fast that I don't remember most of it until I look back at pictures).

It is just me, or does time pass you by quicker with each child? I feel like Grace has always been as old as she is now. When I look at pictures of her as a baby or at one year old, it makes me want to cry because I'll never get these times back with them being so small and sweet.

I can't believe it was nine whole weeks ago that I was in the hospital with my newest baby girl.


Anyways, she's doing great and has now started to greet us with smiles each time she sees us:

This little chicken loves to smile and coo.

She can hold her head up pretty well, make eye contact, and even look around the room.

She's got a tight little grip and likes to use it on her blankets and Mommy's shirts.

She doesn't spit up as much as that first month, and only needs to be burped for a few quick seconds after she eats.

Charley still isn't too fond of the binky. She'll take it if you force her, but she'd rather not.

She goes mostly by Charley Butt, but we also call her baby baby, sister, and puppy. That last one is due to the whimpering sound she makes when she's hungry instead of crying. Cute little thing.

We won't have updated stats for a couple of weeks. She and Grace get to go get shots together! That should make for a fun afternoon.

Charley is still only eating 3-3.5 ounces every 3 hours or so, but she is definitely putting on weight. She's nowhere near the little chunker that Grace was, but she's filling out nicely nonetheless.

She sleeps in sweet 5-6 hour stretches during most nights.

Grace is still in love with her, so that's nice. I was worried about this part when we decided have a second baby. Luckily, she likes to hold her, give her kisses, and hold her hand. Sometimes she tries to pick her up when she's sleeping and then proudly tells Isaac and I, "Chawyee waked up!"

Charley has fallen in love with her swing in recent days. She loves to be snuggled up in a blanket and swing away. Especially while watching movies with sister. This also protects her from Grace's carrying skills, so it's a double bonus!

Let's see...she's been blowing out lots of diapers, too. So there's that.

This makes me think its time to move up in size. We're almost out of size ones, so it looks like she'll be in size twos in the next week. We've only had to buy one small package of newborn size diapers so far, and we still have a whole case of size twos in the closet. (Thanks again to all of you that gave us diapers before she was born!)

Happy Two Months, Chaw-yee!!

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