Last Week...

...I apparently missed a few photos while posting the last weekly update.

Charley snuggled in her comfy blanky from Amy:

Grace had Pop Rocks for the first time:

She ate her own corn on the cob at Kasie and Jeremy's:

Charley made funny faces at the camera:

Grace wore Daddy's Nebraska hat with her new necklace from Grammy:

She also gave Charley big sister hugs:

And now on to your regularly scheduled weekly update.


...Charley's hair got fuzzy:

...we celebrated Memorial Day.

...Grace got thee cutest outfit worn by any kid ever:

I seriously need this in my size...with the bow!

...Charley practiced holding her neck up during tummy time:

...she also decided that she actually likes the bath:

...she had her one month birthday.

...Grace fell asleep with Cheetos all over her face:

...little chicken slept in her car seat at work:

...she also hung out under Mommy's desk:

...she napped outside while Grace played in her pools:

...she got tickled by Gracie:

...Grace invited Noah and Easton over to play:

...Daddy made us vanilla cinnamon french toast for breakfast:

...Charley went through a growth spurt and got really long:

She smiled a little smile for Mommy:

And played with her musical octopus:

Then Daddy held her in her favorite position:

We met he Sebastians at Reunion Trails Park to play in the water on Sunday, so Charley took a quick nap before we left:

After the water park, Grammy, Grandpa, and Aunt Geni came over to play:

Aunt Geni left her glasses over here, so Grace played with them:

I think that's all for this week!

See ya next week :)

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