Pre-Fourth of July

Since Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday, we celebrated the Saturday before with a few of our closest friends:

Lake Las Vegas was having a firework show along with a live band, so we all headed out there to check it out.

Traffic was crazy because everyone else in Las Vegas/Henderson decided to go see the fireworks, too.

Because of this, we got there just as the show was about to start.

We found our way over to a nice space on the grass, and Grace waited patiently for it to begin:

Once the fireworks started, she was in awe:

She kept laughing at them and yelling for more:

As you can see, Charley was really enjoying them, too:

We always have a fun time at Lake Las Vegas. It's beautiful, they almost always have a live band, and there is always beer to drink.

After the fireworks, we danced, drank a few Dos Equis', and laughed:

Charley finally woke up and Bethany held her the rest of night. Charley absolutely loved her:

Grace and Tatumn went with Isaac to get some frozen yogurt. They have the best little shop down by the lake:

We had such a fun pre-Fourth of July celebration! I was really happy that Grace and Charley liked the fireworks rather than being afraid of them. It made the night that much more fun!!

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