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Two in Two Months

In just two months, our little Charley bug will be TWO. I can't even begin to understand that. She is still such a baby in my eyes. Charley loves to dance and does so all the time. Her favorite moves are the twirl and the fist pump. She loves to get dizzy and falls over. Then this crazy kid gets up and starts spinning all over again. She is talking so much. Char can tell us what she wants/needs and can say almost anything you ask her to. She loves to say "hi!" to everyone she sees and blow kisses to them, as well. She loves to wave to airplanes and birdies and points them out each time she sees them. My favorite is listening to her say her own name. I'll ask her "who's that" in a picture of her, and she says with a silly smile, "Chaw-dee". She is still obsessed with movies and is currently loving Frozen and Wreck it Ralph . She also loves anything to do with Buzz Lightyear. She is now going to school four days a week, a

Last Week...

...Auntie Elisha watched the girls on Monday, since their school was closed for President's Day. They had fun playing outside in the back yard while they waited for Mommy and Daddy to get home. ...we played out in the front yard and drove around the block. ...Charley chased Gracie around the living room pretending to be a zombie. The neighbor kids always play zombies, so now the girls do, too. ...they had a tickle fight... ...which led to a wrestling match... ...which led to cuddle time on the couch. A pretty typical night with these two crazies. ...Sister completely wore Char out. ...Gracie got the cutest new boots and wanted to wear them to school with a cowgirl hat. Unfortunately (or fortunately) , she doesn't have a cowgirl hat, so she just rocked the boots. ...we spent the afternoon outside again. The weather has been absolutely beautiful the past week or two. ...we had dinner at Lucille's w