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Surfrider Beach

After we left the zoo, we headed back to the condo and hung out inside. The girls begged us to go play on the beach, and who are we to say no to them on vacation? We all got our swim suits on, and went to play in the waves on Surfrider Beach. We had brought our own beach gear along, but they had a lot more at the condo, which was perfect. The girls brought along some sand toys, and threw them down to run into the water immediately. Perry and I got our stuff all set up, and she chilled under the big umbrella, while Daddy helped sisters find seashells. This seagull kept walking right up to us, and he was getting a little too close for comfort with the baby laying there. The girls had such a blast playing in the waves. This beach was pretty flat, and the water would go out far before coming back in. This allowed them to walk far out into the sand, and they loved running back when the water started rolling back in. Perry and I joined t