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Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Espejos + Unertls Grace and Charley started their all day soccer camp on Monday. They were excited and nervous, and took selfies on their new phones on the way. The camp was at Longevity Sports Center, and it was a pretty cool facility. It was nice that the girls got to be inside. They did the UNLV soccer camp last year, and it was miserable on the outdoor soccer fields in June. They were really nervous when Daddy left, and sent us these pictures along with texts to come pick them up. We're so mean and made them stick it out. Brother napped at the office. He was being so adorable and alert in his rocker when we got home. Char kept trying to get him to smile. Which meant that Perry had to try, too. After all, she's his big sister. He hung out in his sit-me-up and made all kinds of faces. He got sleepy and napped in his basket. Daddy dropped the girls off fo