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Last Week...

...Gracie started her very first day of Pre-K and was obviously SO excited to move up to the "red room" at school with all of her friends! She starts accelerated Pre-K next week, too, which I am more excited about. ...Charley learned how to open the camera on my phone, so I find these gems like me teaching Gracie how to use my laptop to do lessons on ...the girls have become obsessed with sunsets and love when the sky turns pink and purple (since those are Gracie's new favorite colors) .  ...momma had a migraine (I've been getting a lot of these lately!) , so the girls gave me a foot rub to "take care of me". I'm not going to lie. I fell asleep, and I have no idea when the girls ended up going to bed, but they were there sleeping like little angels when I woke up the next morning. It's times like these that make me extra thankful to have such good girls <3 ...the next night, Charley told me bedtim