Wild Animals

We had so much fun last time we were at the cabin, that we decided to make another trip up last weekend. Charley happily played her iPad while we drove, while Grace slept most of the way since she didn't get her usual two hour nap that afternoon.

When we started driving up the mountain, we saw tons and tons of deer everywhere since is was about dusk. The girls loved waving "hello" to them, and Charley kept telling us that she saw Winnie the Pooh out in the forest...kind of weird.

We also had a dance party in the car - kind of a usual thing for us.

When we got to the cabin, we saw some hummingbirds drinking from mom's new feeder. It got dark pretty quickly, and the girls noticed there were more fairies out this time. They spotted new ones that had pink, blue, and green ( of course that one was Tinkerbell) lights. I love watching them point them out and get so excited about them.

The following morning, I sipped on a delicious cup of coffee while watching these crazy hummingbirds. There was one sitting on top of a tree that would chase away any others that tried to steal a sip of the sweet stuff. It was so funny to watch them all. I could have sat there all day.

We recently found out about a zip line about ten minutes from the cabin. All of us wanted to go, so Char and I hung out on the porch while we waited for everyone else to get ready.

(Had to bribe her for a picture with fruit snacks!)

We moved to the front yard, so Gracie could play with Sookie while we waited some more.

Finally, everyone was ready to go. We stopped at a small farmer's market on the way to the zip line and got the most delicious peach pie I've ever had. So good! Then we got to Mystic River Zip Lines and got to look over some amazing views. The girls loved watching the ducks swim around with Grammy in their pond.

I took this picture of Daddy with his girls that might be my most favorite ever.

When it was our turn to zip line, we got all geared up and climbed this awesome bridge that led you up the mountain. Well, part of the way. We also ended up hiking quite a bit more than I would have liked. The views from the zip lines made it all worth it, though! It was so fun, and the forest looked gorgeous from so high up.

After the zip lines, we hung out at Mystic River for a bit. They had baby raccoons that a hound dog brought up the hill to try and "mother" them after they lost their mom. They were so cute!

We had snow cones and hung out by the pond watching the fish jump out of the water.

On the way back to the cabin, Charley got her very first driving lesson.

We decided to go play horse shoes out back while Papa took the girls on a ride.

It wasn't too long before it started pouring and they came back soaking wet. The girls loved playing out in the rain.

The rain stopped as soon as it started, and we sat on the patio watching hummingbirds and snacking on bruschetta.

Auntie Allison gave the girls Divergent tattoos, too.

We snuck up on the squirrels eating from the new feeder and watched them fill their cheeks with snacks for later.

When we went out front to play corn hole, the girls had other ideas and used it as a slide instead.

Charley passed out with Auntie Al, and we cooked up a yummy carne asada dinner.

After dinner, a couple of deer walked right up to the back porch, which reminded us that we wanted to go on a deer run - where you drive around slowly at dusk to see all the deer that come down into the meadows. Char was still asleep, so Daddy stayed home with her, while the rest of us went to check them out.

Charley woke up, and we took her for a little drive so she didn't feel left out.

The next morning, there were all kinds of squirrels, chipmunks, and even bunnies around the feeder looking for a snack. It was cool to see the girls' faces as they watched all of the wild animals running around below.

Soon, it was time to go, so Grace said "good-bye" to her buddy, Sookie, and Char packed up her stuff and looked so adorable prancing around with her little back pack, or "pack pack" as she calls it.

We headed home and drove through some crazy thunderstorms. At one point, I couldn't even see the road in front of me and had to go super slow.

We had a great weekend at the cabin with the family, as per usual. We're heading up again in a couple of weeks and can't wait. The countdown is on! 

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