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Mission Complete

It seems like everyone we know is really into golf right now.
Most of our co-workers talk about it non-stop, and Jeremy (one of our close friends) plays quite a bit.
For Isaac's birthday, one of our co-workers asked him to go play a round.
Isaac has NeVeR played golf (or is it golfed?) before and thought it'd be a good time to start.

It's a good thing he had a few days notice, because he got some time to practice at the driving range.

Seriously, look how awkward he was:

Jeremy went with him and taught him the basics.

(studly golf boys)
First we hit some balls off the green.
Just kidding. I don't really know if that's what we did...but it sounded good right?!
Then the boys wanted to go to the putting green to work on their "short game".
Kasie and I decided to sit this one out and gossip instead.
Grace enjoyed sitting in the sun, and quickly fell asleep.
(what a cutie!)
We had a lot of fun just hanging out, and Isaac didn't have to worry so much about being a fi…

This Week...

Image mom and I started running every day.

We head over to O'Callahan park (see this previous post) and run around the track. we don't run the whole time.

Since neither of us has ever ran before (I mean NeVeR), we interval walking and running.

Our goal is to run four miles in about thirty minutes each day.

I'm hoping that by spring we'll be able to run the entire time.

...Grace played with her fruit basket (and chewed on her carrot...again).

...we got some candy hearts since Valentine's Day is right around the corner.
Grace sure has enjoyed them.
Sugar Lips

...Grace drank apple juice from her sippy cup.

...Isaac cooked breakfast while I went for a quick run on Saturday morning, and Grace helped.

...Daddy and Grace napped.

...she ate a sour straw.

Not really.
She just sucked on it for a bit.
...she learned to stand up.

(can't believe she is big enough to do this)

...she got some new jammies, because she grew out of her 12 month ones!

Yah, I know.

She's HUGE!


I Broke the Record

Since our weather here in Vegas has been absolutely B-E-A-utiful, Grace and I have been playing outside a lot.

What is the record for the most pictures taken at one time?

I may have beaten it.

Grace was just being way too cute on Tuesday afternoon.

I couldn't help myself.


Ok, here we go...

We started off inside working on crawling:

Then we went outside with some of my her FaVoRiTe toys:

Grace laughed when her elephant starting singing 'You Are My Sunshine':

She found her doll (which she insists on carrying around by its arm):

She was born to smile:

The twisties on the blanket caught her attention:

She looked up at Mommy with her sweet baby face:

Her little hands tried to steal the camera:

She chomped on her stuffed carrot (look at those baby blues!):

We went back inside, and I got a great one of her bottom teefers:

Andddd there you have it.
Like I said, I'm pretty sure I broke the record (and I didn't even share them all).

O'Callahan it Was

Saturday morning, Grace slept in until eight for the first time EVER!!
It felt amazing to sleep in, because she usually wakes up around six-thirty or seven.
The only bad part is that she slept through her FaVoRiTe show, Olivia.

Good thing Mommy has a few previous episodes recorded!
After we watched Olivia and ate breakfast, we couldn't decide what to do. Since it was so nice outside, Isaac suggested that we take Grace to the park. She had never been before, so I thought it was a great idea. We all got ready and then headed out the door.
We drove to a couple of parks before heading to O'Callahan. I wanted to go there all along, because it is across the street from my dad's house, and I grew up playing there as a kid. Isaac thought we should try to find a newer park, but for some reason none of them had swings!
So, O'CallAhaN it WaS.
I couldn't wait to push Grace on the swings to see what she'd think of them. 
At first, she was just kind of hanging out.

There was an older…

This Week...

...Grace started this new thing:

We put her in here to play with her toys when we're cooking, cleaning, etc.
Her new way of telling us that she needs some attention (or someone to come save her from boredom) is to roll over and get stuck in some odd position.
She's one smart cookie!
...The weather has been gorgeous, so we've been playing outside in the afternoons.
Grace loves to go for rides in her wagon, so we walk around the backyard taking in all of the awesome sunshine. She likes to see everything and touch whatever she can get her hands on.

...Isaac and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, and Grace chomped on some celery.
I'm sure it felt great on her teeth.
When she was done with one piece, she would throw it on the ground and get a new one.

...we went to Grandma and Grandpa Espejo's to watch the Bears game, so I made Grace a cute little shirt.

It's too bad that they lost. I'm really not looking forward to watching the lame Packers and disgusting Steelers …

This Week...

...Grace came this close to pulling herself up to stand.

She's getting so big!
I can't believe she can stand and move while holding onto things.
She'll be walking in no time.
Crawling? Now ThAt's another story.
...she showed off her rolls as she got out of the bath.

My little chunky monkey.
...Grace was busy playing with her baby and stroller,

And then I caught her chewing on the baby's arm (looks like more teeth are on the way).

...she's totally become obsessed with her feet.
It doesn't matter if she's eating, getting her diaper changed, or trying to fall asleep, this kid has her feet in her hands and/or mouth:

...we woke up on Saturday and actually got to stay in bed and hang out together.
It was so relaxing and sweet.
And Grace couldn't have been cuter:

She stole my phone and took a video of herself, and it just may be ThEe MoSt AdOrAbLe ThiNg you'll ever see:

...Grace and Daddy played with toys while waiting for the Bears game to start,

and after they won, …

My Big Seven Month Old

I know it's hard to believe, but Grace is now SEVEN months old.
Yes, seven!!

She's growing up faster each day and learning so many new things.
It's hard to keep up.
She doesn't have another wellness check-up at the doctor's until she's 9 months,
so I weighed her at home, and she's only 20 pounds!!
I say OnLy like that's not a lot.
But really...she was 19.75 at six months, and 1/4 of a pound gained in one month is the least she's gained in a whole month!
Some of her seven month accomplishments:
~ She is getting pretty good at standing while holding onto something or someone. ~ She can go from holding on the couch, to the ottoman behind her, and back again. ~ She really lights up when she accomplishes something new, and you can tell that she's so proud. ~ This month she's added peaches, bananas, and prunes to her diet. ~ We're still waking up about three times a night so she can eat. ~ She loves jewelry (especially diamonds). If you're wearing any, …