This Week...

...Grace came this close to pulling herself up to stand.

She's getting so big!

I can't believe she can stand and move while holding onto things.

She'll be walking in no time.

Crawling? Now ThAt's another story.

...she showed off her rolls as she got out of the bath.

My little chunky monkey.

...Grace was busy playing with her baby and stroller,

And then I caught her chewing on the baby's arm (looks like more teeth are on the way).

...she's totally become obsessed with her feet.

It doesn't matter if she's eating, getting her diaper changed, or trying to fall asleep, this kid has her feet in her hands and/or mouth:

...we woke up on Saturday and actually got to stay in bed and hang out together.

It was so relaxing and sweet.

And Grace couldn't have been cuter:

She stole my phone and took a video of herself, and it just may be ThEe MoSt AdOrAbLe ThiNg you'll ever see:

...Grace and Daddy played with toys while waiting for the Bears game to start,

and after they won, we took her for a walk because it's was absolutely GoRgeOuS out:

That night, we had a beautiful sunset, so I couldn't help but snap a quick picture:

...Grace hasn't quite figured out how to get into the crawling position, so I tried showing her:

This is where she can get to on her own:

I'm convinced she will be walking before she gets this crawling thing down!

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