My Big Seven Month Old

I know it's hard to believe, but Grace is now SEVEN months old.

Yes, seven!!

She's growing up faster each day and learning so many new things.

It's hard to keep up.

She doesn't have another wellness check-up at the doctor's until she's 9 months,

so I weighed her at home, and she's only 20 pounds!!

I say OnLy like that's not a lot.

But really...she was 19.75 at six months, and 1/4 of a pound gained in one month is the least she's gained in a whole month!

Some of her seven month accomplishments:

~ She is getting pretty good at standing while holding onto something or someone.
~ She can go from holding on the couch, to the ottoman behind her, and back again.
~ She really lights up when she accomplishes something new, and you can tell that she's so proud.
~ This month she's added peaches, bananas, and prunes to her diet.
~ We're still waking up about three times a night so she can eat.
~ She loves jewelry (especially diamonds). If you're wearing any, she's likely to grab it.
~ We've been taking her outside a lot more, and she loves to see new things and feel them.
~ She's discovered her feet, so they're always either in her hand or her mouth.
~ She has two bottom teeth.
~ She wants to be standing ALL the time. She always grabs your hands and pulls herself up.
~ She's now very aware of people that she doesn't know. She'll watch them and pay attention to where they're going.
~ We have started giving her apple juice in a sippy cup.

Grace is such a big girl now.

I can't believe that seven months ago she was this small:

Soo crazy!!

I can't wait to see what she does in the next few weeks :)

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