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Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Perr Perr and her Care Bears

Charley had her 100th day of school on Monday. We had to make a shirt with 100 things on it, and naturally, Charley wanted 100 sparkles. We used rhinestones to make her name, and also made a silly girl out of the numbers 1-0-0. She had the best time adding glue and glitter allll over the page.

That night, I made a turkey meatball veggie soup for dinner, and it was sooo good! We had enough leftovers that I was able to have it for lunch for the next few days, too.

Perry snuggled up extra close at bed time.

The next morning, she had me cracking up as she insisted on wearing her backpack around the house before school. She put the cherry on top when she put on her heart sunglasses and gave me the coolest smile ever.

Tuesday night we watched the Knights kick the Blue Jackets butts. Perry couldn't wait to turn the game on and came out of the room in her jersey screaming "Knightssss!".

She looked so cute when I picked her up fr…

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Cereal with this Big Girl

Perry was exhausted after school, so we let her nap in the car while Grace and Char rode their bikes out front.

I made grilled chicken bruschetta with black beans, and it was delicious.

I made spaghetti for the kids, because I didn't think they'd eat the bruschetta. They did love the noodles, though, Especially Perry. She wasn't too happy when she was done and it was all over her baby belly.

After her bath, she fell asleep on me. She has started to say "I hold you, mama" and wants to lay on my chest while we rock instead of laying down. I love these sweet moments with my baby.

The next day, I threw some leftover chicken on a salad for lunch.

Grace joined Char for gymnastics on Tuesday, and they both had a blast.

We've been trying to eat healthier, and I've found that documenting it holds me a little more accountable. 

Wednesday, I made chicken meatballs marsala, and Isaac loved it.

We watched the Knights pla…