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Picture of the Week: Celebrating Frannie's 30th Birthday

We had Monday off since it was New Year's Day, so we spent the morning driving home from the cabin. I found this video from Perry and Grace after we got home.

Daddy took the girls to the Palms for a daddy/daughter date to see the new Star Wars movie in Imax. They had so much fun hanging out with Dad.

Meanwhile, Perry and I watched the Sooners lose to Georgia in a heartbreaking double OT loss. We had fun doing so, though, as I taught Perr to say "Boomer Sooner" and painted her nails for the first time, while she helped me unpack and do some laundry.

I made her some Dino Nuggets for dinner, and she made sure to blow on them, since they were hot.

Wednesday night, the Waffle Love truck was by the house. We stopped by on the way home and got waffles for dinner, and they did not disappoint. (I recommend the one with cookie butter and fresh whipped cream!)

Friday night, Isaac and I went out for Frannie's 30th Birthday. Auntie Allison watched the girls, and Ava was well taken care of by all of them. (Thanks again, Al!)

We started our night off at Sake Rok and had so much fun. If you haven't been there and you're looking for a new experience that will have you laughing all night, go! We'll be back for sure. They have live entertainment, yummy drinks, and good sushi.

After dinner we walked through The Park and ended up at Coyote Ugly where we drank some more and danced on the bar. It's been a long time since we had a night out like this with friends. It was well deserved, but we definitely paid for it in the morning.

The kids woke up early, so we had Starbucks delivered...yes, that's a thing. We also had Amazon deliver Gatorade and a case of water, since we were low. We also felt like we were dying. I wasn't as bad as Isaac, because I drank a ton of water the night before, so I got the girls all dressed in their Titans gear for playoff day. 

Perry watched the game with me and even yelled "run, run" a few times on her own. That's my girl!

She also played with Toodles and ran around like a crazy person, while Isaac slept in the bedroom, and I laid on the couch nearby.

When Isaac finally woke up, I took advantage and hopped in the bath tub for the second time that day. Luckily, that kicked my headache, and I was back to normal.

Back on the couch, the Titans won a playoff game (say what?!), and Perry played with her kitty that poops out its food and then you feed it that same food for it to poop out again. Who makes this stuff up? The girls all love it, though, and it's guaranteed to get a few big belly giggles from my three crazies.

After lunch, it was Perry's turn to nap, and she did so in Mama's arms.

That evening, Isaac and I got the toddler bed out, and Perry helped Daddy put it together so she could have a "big girl bed". She's still in my room, though. I'm not ready to kick her out yet.

After a pretty lazy, hungover Sunday, it was clear why it had been so long since we had a crazy night out. Although we had a blast with some of our best friends, I think it'll be a long time before we have another one of those.

Happy 30th Birthday, Francesca! I love you to the moon and back, friend <3

See ya next week!

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