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This Week...

...Grace shared Daddy's Caesar Salad at Outback:

...she cheered on the Rebels in her new jersey from Aunt Geni:

...we had fight night at our house where Grace got to play with Noah and Easton. They had fun going crazy in (and eventually popping) her Dora ball house:

...Gracie played Godzilla and built a house for Dora and then destroyed it:

...we sported our football socks while watching the Titans play:

This Week...

...we got a little rain, and Gracie played outside with the boys in the cooler weather:

...we also got a lot of rain. Like, A LOT
This is a picture of our house that our neighbor, Shelly, took from across the street:

Luckily, we didn't have any damage, but it did leave a nasty pile of mud in front of the driveway:

The kids didn't seem to mind it. They had a blast getting all dirty:

I also caught Grace trying to climb Daddy's step stool with her dirty little bottom:

She thinks she's so big now.
...I dropped Grace off at my mom's house in the morning and couldn't take my eyes off this beautiful rainbow! It was so bright and pretty:

...Grace got some new shoes. They're her new favs. When one falls off, she brings it to you and cries until you put it back on:

...she also started "talking" on the phone. She must've seen us do it so many times that she knew what to do. Smarty pants:

...Isaac had to work across town at a home show to bring in some …

Nose Wrinkles

It's pretty hard for me to believe that my lil pumpkin butt, sugar lips, sweat pea, monkey girl is already fifteen months old.
That's one and a quarter!!

She's got her own little personality now, and it's beautiful.
Some of her favorite things to do are play outside with her friends, take baths (still), sleep in between Mommy and Daddy and kick them all night long, and run around like a crazy person in her diaper.
She loves macaroni more than anything else, but will also eat almost anything you give her...except meat.
She's a full on, self-proclaimed vegetarian.
This girl feels the texture of meat in her mouth and it goes flying across the room before she could possibly have gotten even a tiny taste of it.
We're working on it.
We've completely weaned from nursing now and she eats only big kid food.
I haven't been able to get her to drink milk yet...that's something else we're working on.
This month her favorite movie is Megamind. I've seen it…

This Week...

...we took Grace to one of our favorite places to eat in Henderson, Villa Pizza. It's not like any other Villa Pizza. This one is a cute, little, old, Italian guy and his family that make everything fresh from scratch as you order it. We always have the special with mild chicken fingers and a medium cheese pizza, garlic knots, and extra ranch dressing. Grace loved it:

...Grace got a new Olivia chair. She loves to sit in it while eating her fruit snacks and watching her shows:

...we waited patiently while Isaac got his first tattoo:

It turned out so perfect!
...Grace and Isaac decided to play instead of go to bed at bedtime:
...Grace played with her Sesame Street pals:

...Cash chewed through our Directv cables so Isaac dug a trench in front of the gate and ran them out there to keep them out of his reach. Luckily it was overcast outside, so he didn't have to deal with the heat:

...Isaac must've taken pictures of Grace when she was crying because I found these on my c…

Family, Love, and Laughter

This past week, Isaac and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary:

It's hard to believe it's been two whole years.
We talked about doing something nice like getting a couple's massage or going to a fancy dinner, but it just didn't feel right.

(Maybe next year.)
Our life is all about family, love, and laughter.
To really celebrate these three things, we decided to spend the day playing with Grace and hanging out with my family that included my sister who happened to be in town visiting from Kansas.
We woke up, got ready, and headed out to eat.
Our first stop was my dad's house. He'll be working a lot of days in a row without having one off, so we wanted Grace to see him for a bit before that started. She had a lot of fun running around the house and banging on his drums:

Next up, a stop at Baskin Robbins. Isaac and I have been going there together for our ice cream fixes for nearly ten years:

After our yummy snack, we headed to my mom's house to celebrat…

This Week...

...Grace had a blast playing outside with her besties from across the street. She has so much fun with the boys and has started to waive at their house every time we walk outside.
Noah shared his brownie with her:

Easton took her on a wagon ride:

...daddy let Grace eat A TON of watermelon:

...he also gave Grace her first tattoo:
(notice the little cupcake on her chest)
...we played at the water park with Noah and Easton:

...we went to Isaac's brother Elijah's first football game of the season where he got to walk out as a captain (#25):

...we played some Risk with Kasie:

...we made Grace try on Halloween costumes. Isaac absolutely loves Halloween, so as soon as the stores open each season, that's where you can find us. Grace tried on three costumes, and I think we're going with Minnie Mouse:

...Grace got her very first haircut. We had to give her a lollipop to distract her:

...Daddy and Grace shared some grapes:

...we played in the water park at Town Square: